He rejoices when they give birth and mourns when they die. Workers and slaves who have ‘absconded’ from their vicious and cruel Arab masters or ’employers’ can be identified by them in prison and returned to severe torture or punishment, even death. Anxiety and worry were futile. I had it readIt was debated in detail in the preface for the book, but I have to ask again, is it too short to be a novel – is it too simplistic to be a full blown novel – is it just a long short story? Want to Read saving…. Is interesting in bits and places, gets monotonous in the middle.

aadujeevitham by benyamin pdf

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The end is all too easy maybe?

But all this somehow built his mental fortitude and he never lost hopes. Though its a dark one which aadjueevitham disturb your sleep for quite some time. The character of Najeeb is based on a real Najeeb, and while I don’t know how many stories pef Najeeb’s exist out there in the world, the story that was depicted here was at once heartbreaking and heartwarming. The plight of Saudi Arabia’s Indian emigrants is one that deserves to be brought to light.

ആടുജീവിതം | Aatujeevitham

However, the accounts as narrated in the story do make for a compelling read. Yes there are goats in this story. There were restrictions on sanitation due to dearth of water.

The story is narrated in first person by Najeeb, your average lower middle-class Muslim youth from Kerala in India. He is simply an ordinary man thrown into a seemingly never ending nightmare, the sorts of which can befall any other person caught up in an unfortunate place and time.


The catastrophic life that Najeeb had escaped converted the prison into nothing less than a sanctuary where he could recuperate.

View all 5 comments. Otherwise one may not survive this book.

ആടുജീവിതം | Aatujeevitham by Benyamin

While the battered and barren vista of the desert lies aadujevitham around him, he tries to shut out the memories of his lush, verdant village back home in Kerala and his loving mother and wife and his child, who he has never seen.

You laugh with Najeeb when he laughs and cry with him when he cries. He gives qadujeevitham his own definition and his own meaning. I can’t pinpoint why exactly, but the story failed to draw me in and I couldn’t empathise with the main character. You’ll know how they smell. He is immediately initiated into the horror of being enslaved by his Arab ‘arbab’ which ironically means ‘saviour’ in a remote desert area as a goat and camel herder, in summer and winter, without wages.

And somehow he survives three years, barely human, treated worse than an animal. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. This novel echoes with reflections of similar brutality that was experienced by innumerable blacks during the Transatlantic slave trade in the west.

Way back in the ‘s, I remember reading a story by Ursula K. But that is an act of Allah, the All-merciful!

aadujeevitham by benyamin pdf

Najeeb dreamt of travelling to Gulf like many of his fellow Malayalis. Every goat has its own individual character. The writer interrogates the cause of voluntary labor migration, and its consequences on a national as well as international rostrum.


Goat days is a heart-warming account of a Malyali muslim stuck in the Gulf. The unsaid fear on foreign shores or new cities – is something I am well aware of. Skip to main content. Those who arrive with stars in their eyes from the lower strata of the educational and social spectrum and whose desperation and naivete are taken for granted by an unforgiving system.

That is contr The Middle Eastern Arab states have always been a begrudging moral conundrum for me. Goat days is about a simple man’s ordeal, the strange relationships he forges in order to survive and ultimately, his determination and survival urge. Thanks to long wait for the Etihad flight out of Cochin, I had most of the book read before I boarded the plane, and had the book read cover-to-cover half way into my 4 hours flights to Abu Dhabi, leaving me back on Kindle for the second and longer part of my journey in which I speed-read and finished a book on speed-reading techniques.

But then, it should not. Knowing that the day has been a long one, I took a shower alternating between hot and cold water.

aadujeevitham by benyamin pdf

Jan 30, Remya rated it it was amazing.