Be specific with the act of listening. No matter, what is important is the second requirement which is that we maintain absolutely vigilant awareness of the spontaneous thought process. The subject and the object, the ears and the sound, the eyes and the form, the skin and the touch, the tongue and the taste, the nose and the smell. When we realize that some or much of the time, it is our patterns of thought, our ego, and our cravings or aversions that lead us into a state of reaction rather than conscious action, we have made it to the first step of reclaiming the steering wheel. Unlike everything being spontaneous in the second stage, in the third stage everything is done at will. Then the mind will lead you to the right point. Harnessing the power of the sense organs and the breath is the link to moving from the physical practices of yoga to the more subtle aspects.

antar mouna meditation

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At least you will not spend any sleepless nights or restless days. Rather a particular theme or thought is chosen at will, then reflected upon for a while, generating as many connected thoughts as possible related only to that theme. Symbolic expressions come up. So what exactly is the source of this thought?

You must try to analyze the sound, understand it and grasp its significance. There are no thoughts at all! I feel that when you are given the freedom to anttar any thought of your choice, you should select a bad thought rather than a good one, because it is very easy to think of good thoughts and it is also very easy to get rid of them.


What is Antar Mauna? – Definition from Yogapedia

In Dharana, the mind is fixed to an object or idea. It is essential to master certain sense functions first and then certain functions of the brain up to a certain level before attempting higher practices. Do not allow it to occupy your mind.

My name was called to sit in a row of students. This should not however be confused with either silence, or sleep which often occurs, especially with beginners. Meritation may be a mild suppression of the topic, but it will be only mild because most of the topic will have been analyzed.

Light Wellness

Sukshma sharira, or the astral body in the doctrine of karma, is known as a samskara, the latent impression embedded in your life. Then and only then should you mditation to the third stage.

antar mouna meditation

From this experience I can assure you that if you practise pratyahara first, you will be much better off. Just wait patiently for a short while, imagine you are looking at an empty road and soon enough the mental chatter will continue again! If you are very alert, you may be able to predict a thought before meditaation comes to the conscious plane, but if you are absent-minded, you may not be able to detect the thought until the next day.

What is occurring medotation in my mental sphere? You will also come across the experience of rejecting a thought without completely analyzing it.

antar mouna meditation

The senses should be calmed down by the drashta or sakshi attitude. We are flipping over the matching subconscious cards to link to the thought at the forefront of the mind.

Antar Mouna (Part 1)

You must also remember that you must choose the thought that is the most difficult for you to get rid of. It is possible to practise the first stage anywhere.


Part 5 Antar Mouna is a Tantric technique used to prepare the mind for the state of meditation. By the practice of antar mouna you achieve mastery over a great part of your mind. I told him I felt like a bad daughter… actually, a bad person. Although it is to be practised for a maximum of one hour a day, its effect carry on after the practice is over and one will automatically start to know his own ‘hidden side’ and to see how he is reacting to life’s situations in the clear and honest manner.

Again, you should pose a thought, dwell on it for some time and then get rid of it. For example, we may choose to focus on the sense of hearing, and simply listen.

antar mouna meditation

I bowed and sat on the cushion in front of him. The practice of antar mouna expels negative thoughts because it is a kind of self-eliminator of the antzr impurities. Unlike everything being spontaneous in the second meditatiln, in the third stage everything is done at will. A conscious thought takes longer. The Witness observes the thoughts as if watching a movie, and watch the scenes change, one by one. While you were practising the second stage of antar mouna, you visualized shadows in the form of visions or dreams.

Creating and disposing of thoughts.