This is my last post according all this, all other will be done trough legal side privately. Users Online 2 2 Guests. Just keep in mind that your behavior is not appropriate for someone who wants to offer the community a voluntary project. From Germany with Love. If you have problems with AGR, this is the place where you’ll get quick support.

antigame origins

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You are talking about AGO as if it is a company or something. Was not sure whether or not I should laugh or facepalm, so I decided for a sheep.

You oritins even here when all happen and you give yourself permission to talk about something. Since you continued, I will also take care that you receive a charge for trademark origihs. Besides that, after some time thinking about this, I do not see why the copyrights for the AGO sourcecode should be in your hands, Shole.

We will solve this trough legal way. I have adapted code for Ogame v6, At that time antigame was not registered, i done all legal stuff to register it and prevent from copying what you done now. This is my last post according all this, all other will antihame done trough legal side privately.


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Link to the Discord: Charlie That is when he worked for AntiGame on legal way, than was this repo made. So you can come to court and tell he didn’t done nothing but that doesn’t affect the case.

My version includes a lot of bugfixes and also some new features as well as planned new features: So look, i don’t know what are you thinking but this isn’t any game or so and it isn’t funny to be laughed at, this is serious thing. I don’t see any reason why it should be.

antigame origins

You are just not same person, i know since i would never gave that opportunity to person which you became qntigame. In germany there is equivalent for copyright breach. What are you talking about? Make sure to backup your settings before deleting the old AGO and installing this one. This is the code Riv forked from github.

AntiGameOrigin extension – Opera add-ons

Visit us on the official AntiGameReborn Discord where you can ask questions, report bugs or make suggestions for changes or new features. Doesn’t antiyame anything, you can’t publish modify versions of AntiGame according to licence. Change log version 6. Quote from court order: From Germany with Love.


AntiGameOrigin for Greasemonkey

DMCA is not applicable in Germany. Your browser has JavaScript disabled.

antigame origins

My lawyer is taking care of it, court order already accepted charge for DCMA since code is same you made whole process easier. Hey RiV-this is just begining. If I find the time, I will try to install one or the other feature. Google didn’t responded yet to DCMA breach, but lawyer is taking care.

Since the development of AGO is not really progressing, I have decided to make my version available to the public with small bug fixes and keep updating it. The post was edited 3 times, last by RiV- Antiigame 13th6: Just keep in mind origjns your behavior is not appropriate for someone who wants to offer the community a voluntary project.

But, I am not a lawyer and especially not a judge, and I think the real ownership or copyright holder of AGO can only be clarified in court. Nevertheless, I still have some ideas that I still want to incorporate, so you can still request features anyway.