Culture shock sunny brown lomaticc nindy kaur Baba Kahn. Rude Boy Remix Rihanna Ft. Both performed even on their birthday. Lomaticc Culture Shock Dub Lomaticc. Culture Shock Dub ft.

bumbro culture shock mp3

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How To Love – Lomaticc Juuust bumrbo this version of bumro song. Song with a remix without lil wayne! The only downfall was having people push me around and such. How To Love Lomaticc oh how lovely you are. Culture shock baba khan lomaticc sonny brown BET. Culture shock sunny brown lomaticc nindy kaur Baba Kahn.

How to Love remix Lomaticc This song actually made me smile: I think one of my favorite parts is the one after 2. This one song is probably the biggest reason I regret not putting more effort into learning any Indian language. Lomaticc, Sunny Brown, and Baba Kahn have such an amazing stage presence and you just get so much energy from seeing them.


Superbass Bhumro Ft Lomaticc And Sunny Brown Free Mp3 Download 320 kbps

Danced to this song at the wedding i went to. Lomaticc How to love Remix Music.

m;3 Sunny Brown – Super Bass. Girl this is hardest thing to do. Culture Shock lomaticc sunny brown ugh my love for them is immense just because they’re phenomenal performers. Culture Shock Dub ft.

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Tere ghum nu main apna kahaa. Sunny Brown I am currently obsessed with this song. Listen Saxodub- Lomaticc Makes me want to dance.

bumbro culture shock mp3

Soniya, jee te karda main kaur rahaa. I must get, I must get, I must get. Both performed even on their birthday.

bumbro culture shock mp3

Log in Sign up. Girl, me without you is like spring without rain. Rude Boy Remix Rihanna Ft. Dil Baba Kahn Ft. Soniye ni tenu pyaar karda, Rabb di soo tere ute marda.

Want to see more posts tagged lomaticc? Obsessed with this, round 2? Soniya, jo aisi chaunde oh navio hona, mere naseeba ch vichoda, das tera dil mein jo haye mera ni main kive morra.


Lomaticc – How to Love Remix. Thought you should know.

How to Love Culture Whock Dub ft. But all the sweating, shoving, and screaming was all worth it. Listen Beautiful- Culture Shock good vibes: No matter where I turn or go I see you right in front of me. But I promise on my own life I only belong to you.