This was the first record since he has left former label Aggro Berlin. However, some point to his partial North African ethnicity and collaboration with minority artists, like Azad, Eko Fresh and Cassandra Steen as evidence that Bushido is not racist. The album received platinum status in Germany for more than , sold units and gold in Austria for more than 10, sold units. Information The album contains no features and was entirely produced by Bushido himself, except for 2 tracks. Following the indexing, Bushido’s label ersguterjunge released a new edition of the album without the indexed tracks combined with Demotape under the title King of KingZ – Demotape – Extended Version. In the interview with hostess Visa Vie, they talked about the differences with Kay One. Bushido blames the victim for damaging all tires of his BMW 7 Series.

bushido king of kingz demotape

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On February 14,released Sonny Black which ranked No.

Bushido is often criticized in the media for his misogynistic, nationalist and racist lyrics and for refusing to reject some of his controversial fans. French band Dark Sanct.

7 (Bushido album)

The album was titled as second part, but is actually the third part of the Carlo Cokxxx Nutten albums. The orchestra was recorded in the great hall of slowakish radio and the recordings were mixed by DJ Stickle in the studio.

Following that, Kay One reacts via Facebook:. Also the French band Dark Sanctuary accused Bushido of taking songs off their material without permission. Bushido organized an orchestra and a choir to record them. The lyrics of these songs contain discriminatory passages towards homosexuals, disabled people and women.


On 14 JuneBushido announced in an interview with the Bild newspaper that demltape would found a political party with the aim of becoming mayor of Berlin.

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Dre was also intended, but Bushido cancelled due to the high price. Afterwards both rappers insulted and dissed each other in public on numerous occasions. Johannes Oerding — Pyramiden prod. His third statement video was published on 28 April on his YouTube channel.

bushido king of kingz demotape

bushivo Anis Mohamed Youssef Ferchichi born 28 Septemberbetter known as Bushido, is a German rapper, producer and entrepreneur in real estate industry. This led to more criticism and controversy. The album reached Nr. Sonny Black album topic Sonny Black is the tenth studio album by German rapper Bushido, released on 14 Februaryby ersguterjunge and distributed by Sony Music.

Since then, Kay One od anonymous death threats and got police protection. The Album sold over Hip-hop has always bushjdo an expressive outlet for people across ethnic lines, primarily the underprivileged in the United States. It released on October 25, by his newly founded record label ersguterjunge and Universal Music Group. I would like to have her for the sexual act: More legal if ensued following an incident at a party in Linz, Austria on 30 July Sonny Black is the tenth studio album by German rapper Bushido, released on 14 Februaryby ersguterjunge and distributed by Sony Music.


Please enter your comment! The album reached No. Carlo, Cokxxx, Nutten German: The album reached 88 in the German Media Control Charts.

The third and last video released on 26 Septemberwhere Bushido introduced Frauenarzt and Elmo as last guest features, and announced the premiere of his music video for “Kleine Bushidos” released via YouTube on 4 October and the next day the klng was available for any digital platform.

It was released ov a Standard Edition and a Platinum Edition. Bushido explained in several television broadcaster and online portals, including ARD and N24, that he didn’t want to hurt anyone.

bushido king of kingz demotape

The album was Fler’s first professional album release and appearance in public. In Aprilit became publicly known that Bushido signed on 22 December a general power of attorney to Arafat Abou-Chaker, the leader of the Lebanese criminal clan Abou-Chaker, which allows him to dispose of Bushido’s whole estate, including accounts, cars and gains.

But since he was, according to Bravovery involved in the project, so his live performance could not be canceled.