Lamma Kan The good old days MTM — Malakshi Feeha Law Mara Zaaltini Aghla Men El 3ein Sin O Jim

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cairokee ghareeb mp3

Meen Gheirik [Where jp3 She started her musical career performing only with her accordion; she sings about everything, and her songs tell stories and somewhat mock Egyptians socially and politically, some are songs that she wrote herself.

cairokee ghareeb mp3

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Ala El Sadaq El Mosamma La Etab Wala Heira Wi Dah Meen Ell Biehsal Da Omry Al Jadeed Law Omry Yergaa Zay El Aada Law Habeit Tergaaly Eftekasat Direct — Direct Tayih Fe Mashakel Najwa Karam — Saharni Mafina Guy Manoukian Remix Mayaal [Attracted to you] Ana Al Insan Yadi El Ayam Hala Bil Mahbboub Al Ghali Min Elli Gowwa Fi Alby Later on she founded the band and they have worked together on the arrangement of her songs and developed the music, since then they have been playing concerts and performing in festivals in Egypt as well as abroad Youssra Has been also working with The Choir Project, Egypt as a musician since it was founded inand as an actress and a vocal performer in Al Tamye theater group since Eh Elly Gabak Zay El Fesoul El Arbaa