Custom made in the U. Like many ITC families, they have an aggressive, advertising-oriented bold structure, not closely related to Caslon’s original work. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. In italic , Caslon’s h folds inwards and the A is sharply slanted. Retrieved 6 November This decorative serif typeface was originally called Fifteenth Century, but later renamed Caslon Antique. A 3″ border surrounds the caslon italic stencil to reduce over painting.

caslon 540 italic

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Caslon began his career in London as an apprentice engraver of ornamental designs on firearms and other metalwork.

caslon 540 italic

The printer and social reformer Thomas Curson Hansard wrote in Distressing varies by style, matching the effect of metal type, with large optical sizes offering the cleanest appearance. Retrieved 20 August It has remained popular since and has been digitised by Monotype.

Retrieved 10 June Retrieved 2 February However, Caslom created subtly different designs of letter at different sizes, with increasing levels of fine detail and sharp contrast in stroke weight at larger sizes.


Caslon 540 Italic truetype font

Many foundries cut or, in many cases, pirated their own versions. Retrieved 3 February Caslon EF Italic font 3. What Font Is the best font finder for you! Top Web Fonts in casloj A modern attempt to capture the spirit of Caslon by William Berkson, intended for use in body text.

Caslon Italic Stencil |

Printer and typeface designer Frederic Goudy was a critic: Retrieved 12 July Adobe Caslon is used for body text in The New Yorker and is one of the two official typefaces of the University of Virginia.

Journal of italif Printing Historical Society: However, following the death of Justin Howes, the revived H.

Even as Caslon’s type itself largely fell caslin of use, his reputation remained strong within the printing community. And yet it casloon so soundly made that words that are set in it keep their shape and are comfortably readable Linotype’s has been digitised and released by Bitstream. All caslon italic stencils are cut custom per order and can be sized to fit any project. Literary Anecdotes of the Eighteenth Century: A Tally of Types.


caslon 540 italic

A Manual for Designing with Type 2nd ed. An A-Z of Type Designers. Retrieved 20 April Description A 3″ border surrounds the caslon italic stencil to reduce over painting.

Caslon 540 Italic

Caslon is the name given to serif typefaces designed by William Caslon I c. These have a unique design with dramatic stroke contrast, complementary but very different from Caslon’s text faces; one was apparently originally created by Joseph Moxon rather than Caslon.

Retrieved 14 August Archived from the original PDF on 9 October A Conversation with Patrick Mitchell”. As far as we know, all of the Chiswell Street specimens dated ” were issued in various editions of the Chambers Cyclopedia from to Sign In or Sign Up facebook google.