This is being released as an eBook only at this point, but who knows what the future might hold. Your email address will not be published. They also know how to drink. Since then various other members have applied and been voted in, increasing the size of the group from the first 5 to over This is not just a rewritten user guide, it’s an attempt to help people gain a full understanding of the core concepts of PyroCMS with as little trouble as possible. When a few thousand users started logging in at 9am it smashed the mail servers and caused some real problems on the network… Oops.

catapult into pyrocms

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catapult into pyrocms

Now and then somebody misunderstands the point of an auto-loader spec, thinking we should be defining some auto-magical auto-loader that loads all historical Cqtapult code to ever exist.

The language itself has come on leaps and bounds since the PHP 4 days, and while it still has plenty of room for improvement things like namespaces and anonymous functions have given us the basic tools to build some really interesting components.

We might not be improving the entire community this year, but every step being made has been a good step forwards. I spent years freelancing and consulting for various people, before recently laying the anchor as Lead Engineer of Kapture.

PHP also needs a little longer to build out quality code packages. You can be the best PHP developer in the world but if you just quietly get on with your job and go home then nobody other than your boss who is pyrocmms taking all the credit for your work is ever going to know you exist.


I look forward to writing another book on PyroCMS, especially once the 2.

catapult into pyrocms

Database Seeding, generic queue interface, tasks, etc are close to feature parity with RoR. Laravel has already learned a lot from Ruby-on-Rails. For people to notice you, you have to shout. Pryocms am lucky in that respect, and it gives me time to ride my bike and get to the pub.

Catapult into pyrocms download

PHP developers focus too much on long-winded argument listswhen passing a few objects to a anonymous function can be a lot neater. Tortoise, not the hare. PSR-0, 1 and 2 are all standards which anyone in the PHP community is absolutely welcome to use, but nobody is forcing you to use it. True-North PHP was a blast, with good content and a good bar.

Blogging hate about the FIG just because you prefer to use tabs over spaces is not helping anyone, and to be fair you could just switch your IDE settings…. This is being released as an eBook only at this point, but who knows what the future might hold. Laravel 4 is an amazingly powerfulquick and flexible framework.

catapult into pyrocms

Since then various other members have applied and been voted in, increasing the size of the group from the first 5 to over Your email address will not be published. More Writing Book Cover.

Catapult into PyroCMS | Phil Sturgeon

As soon as you spot the un-conference boards go up sign up for cztapult slot. It might not work with all the other gems you expect it to no Ruby-FIG to help guide the interaction I guess… but when they work they are extremely awesome. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. If you have php5-readline then its a little nicer, but to be any real use you need to install Boris. Every now and intoo there is a bunch of noise in the PHP community from people who consistently misunderstand the aims of the FIG.


Blog, screen-cast, submit talks, send pull requests, get active in the community. Designing the world’s most beautiful API is only half the story, somebody needs to interact with it!

I am Phil Sturgeon, a PHP blogger who has worked on a bunch of open-source projects, written loads of articles about programming stuff and occasionally talk at conferences. Learn how your comment data is processed.

My first few talks were awful — I was a nervous wreck — but then I got some practice and now I am noticably better. Somehow this got past peer review, and the QA team. They also know how to drink. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

Every project I am part of has a number of amazingly talented, committed, hard-working developers either in the core team or as open-source contributors. Every voting member has joined up because they care about PHP and want to help projects work together.

People will give you feedback to improve if it sucks, so there is no harm done.