In threads not marked by [spoilers], please use the following formatting to hide spoilers in your comments:. Added missing “Seduction in the Wild” event WoL. To avoid spoiling the game for others, please adhere to the following guidelines: Mayve I’ll get the christian kingdom in India thing too I think they’ve been nerfed hard enough. For example in the game Umayyads can roflstomp Asturias just by staring hard at them.

ck2 patch 2.3.4

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It’s not like everyone with the Theology focus turns into John Chrysostom, or the War focus makes you Alexander the Great reborn, so we don’t need every idiot with Seduction to try to pull an Augustus the Strong.

Submit a new link. How to shoot time-lapse videos in Paradox Games. You no longer feel bad for having a romantic relationship with your spouse. There was a bug where that would happen.

I figure that is enough time to reclaim the imperial roman borders at least. I think they’ve been nerfed hard enough.

Downloads – Crusader Kings 2: A Game of Thrones (CK2:AGOT) mod for Crusader Kings II

Feels lika that particular season never ends to me I haven’t played the pagch since Way of Life released – are you telling seduction still isn’t fixed? Wow, they only got to it now? AI seducers less likely to acquire multiple lovers Seduction Focus: Maybe 10 years of instability at most and then back to blobbing. Was hoping for a patch to the whole “threw myself into the oublitte” thing but alas a seduction fix is pretty great as well.


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ck2 patch 2.3.4

It really only became a problem with WoL, since the pope was much less likely to have a lover in earlier versions. Factions in papacy sometimes installed those claimants too if they hated the current pope. This includes games and expansions. I remember dying and when my game passed to my son, I discovered he had 5 lovers, and suddenly it started raining bastards. This was certainly not the case in reality.

ck2 patch 2.3.4

Explanations should be posted as a reddit comment – referencing the title is not enough. Please mark spoilers as spoilers. 2.34 don’t think it would be that unlikely to have Umayyads taking France historically.

After the battle of tours 30 years before the game starting date there were no meaningful incursions to France. Avoid topics on the list of common topics, and do not post topics on the list of banned topics. Spying paych an adulterer your spouse, consort or the other party can now uncover the affair.


Downloads – Crusader Kings 2: A Game of Thrones (CK2:AGOT) mod for Crusader Kings II – Mod DB

I don’t think so. Wow, no Decadence Rebalance? Rules For the full rules, click here Posts must be related to Paradox. For the full rules, click here.

crusader kings patch download – cludmalimo’s blog

Explain what you want people to look at when you post a screenshot. Luckily ckk2 are several mods that aim for historical plausibility but I really wish those things were vanilla. Married women and concubines are less likely to fall for seduction if they like their husband better than the seducer unless lustful, arbitrary, etc.

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