Mineshopper Website BuildCraft 4. Unknown Donate Website Hats 2. ChickenBones Donate Website Tubes 1. This pack is designed to cater to all playstyles within Minecraft. Natura – updated from 2. Also Tables and enchanted plates!

code chicken core

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EnderStorage is a mod that cor a means to store your items in The END, causing them to be everywhere and nowhere at the same time. Also has an item for changing the text of a placed sign.

CodeChickenCore Mod crashes Server

Cire common library of useful functions and utilities vode dealing with Minecraft’s source code. It will show in the tooltip what mod an item is from. Flow86, blakmajik, Others Website Logistics Pipes 0. Unknown Website Sildur’s Basic Shaders 1. Plugins For Forestry’s goal is to add additional interconnected content between other Forge mods and SirSengir’s Forestry. Automatically configures the server list for you, adding Knoxx’s Minecraft Server to the list.


There is no theme, it’s quite random. Tubes aims to provide the best item transport and sorting solution using the awesome ForgeMultipart API These tubes work somewhat like the pneumatic tubes in RedPower, but there are many more types of tubes for all sorts of uses.

code chicken core

Stuuupiiid Website Natura 2. There have been installs of this pack. Unknown Website Galacticraft Core 2.

Extra Bees and Extra Trees are addons for Forestry which adds in new species of bees and trees as well as their by products and new machines. Auto-configures the servers list optional. Unknown Donate Codd Twilight Forest 1.

We’re a group of friend and friends of friends who come together to enjoy the Minecraft experience together. Unknown Website Thaumcraft 4.

Index of /maven/codechicken/CodeChickenCore/1.6.4-

Attempts to make barrels better. Lomeli12 Donate Website MobiusCore 1. Unknown Website Compact Windmills 1. Unknown Donate Website Chococraft 3. This mod is a spiritual successor to Elemental Tinkerer. It’s not even just blocks, as the name suggests!


Red – Compat – 4.

Oh wait thats everything Uses UniversalElectricty or IC2 for energy. To install the addons mod you’ll need OpenPeripheral core installed on the clients as well as the server.

ATLauncher – LezCraft

Vswe Donate Website Switches 1. Optimizations for Minecraft, including the hopper, mob spawners, and vanilla furnaces. Waila is an extension for NEI.

code chicken core

M3gaFr3ak Website ChickenChunks 1. Unknown Website Thermal Expansion 3.

code chicken core

Unknown Website Computercraft 1. Adds in mod integration into NEI by showing bee breeding information as well as other helpful mod plugins.