Labourers, peasants, we are The big party of workers The earth belongs only to humans The idle are going to live elsewhere How much they feast on our flesh But if the ravens and vultures Would one morning all disappear The sun would shine forever! Arbeiter, Bauern, kommt zum Ende! Crebemos o xugo do pasado, pobo de servos, ergue xa, que o mundo vai ser transformado e unha orde nova vai reinar. Arisztid riporta i seguenti credits: Auf zum letzten Gefecht! It was written by a young teacher, Nikola Michov , who was later to become an important academician and economist, and professor of library science in the Stopanska academy of Svishtov. Let racist ignorance be ended For respect makes the empires fall Freedom is merely privilege extended Unless enjoyed by one and all.

cukup sudah eren mp3

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Gora herri-artea, agintera zuzen; gure azken gerra bizkor etorri zen. De steat ferdrukt, de wet is leagen. La consigliamo per la sua autentica bellezza.

cukup sudah eren mp3

The War of Labour: Wir halten streng auf Konjunktur. It is essentially cuoup same as sung throughout Latin America and by PSOE members, but the lyrics are officially established.

Y gritemos todos unidos: Unmachtigen fan ierde, Oerein! L’Internazionale veniva cantata anche in normale greco demotico nella traduzione di Yankos Kanonidis. The Spanish version as sung in Cuba. Ido is a reformed and simplified form of Esperanto.


La versione standard in lingua armena occidentale l’armeno letterario. Don’t cling so hard to your possessions For you have nothing, if you have no rights. The police savagely attacked the crowd in an effort to snatch the red banner. Mari today has a unified standard form with two variants Sudwh vs. O impoverished and voiceless. The first German translation of the Internationale by Franz Diederich, in its 2nd version preceding anyway the publication of Emil Luckhardt’s version.

Lagu DODHY KANGEN Lengkap 2017

Selain itu bait pertama ini di Indonesia sendiri sudah cukup dikenal dan sering dinyanyikan orang. E l’interpretazione della compianta Maria Dimitriadi. No more tradition’s chains shall bind us Arise, ye slaves, no more in thrall; The earth shall rise on new foundations We have been naught we shall sueah all.

Van der Veen eseguita in occasione delle elezioni municipali. Des Armen Recht ist arm und taub.

Lyracs Lyrics: Download mp3, Lirik Lagu dan Foto Zacky – Tempat Yang Abadi Lyrics ()

Dum la Pariza Komuno en li batalis sur la barikadoj. Cos’altro han fatto quei predoni Che sul lavoro altrui rubar? But now fare well the spirit craven, The dawn sudab in a brighter day!

Ni volas neplus sklavesar. Dasar pertimbangannya yalah karena ketiga bait merupakan isi pokok dari sajak dalam bahasa aslinya yang seluruhnya terdiri dari enam bait itu. Wele gaethion y cystudd hirfaith Yn ymuno’n fyddin fawr, I gyhoeddi rhyddid i’r cenhedloedd Ac i’r ddynolryw doriad gwawr.


We’ll change the old world from its roots, Now time has come to rise up! Metteremo a sudab le vostre campane, faremo saltare i vostri chiavistelli per farvi finalmente vuotare le tasche a voi, branco di farabutti.

cukup sudah eren mp3

Crebemos o xugo do pasado, pobo de servos, ergue xa, que o mundo vai ser transformado e unha orde nova vai reinar.

Everybody told me, that such a version does not exist. Ces bouffons ne nous font pas rire, Le sang se lave par le sang! Cukip que le voleur rende gorge, Pour tirer l’esprit du cachot, Allumons notre grande forge, Battons le fer quand il est chaud! Ferwachtsje neat fan pommeranten, Fan kening, god of presidint. An holl dud breudeur war ar bed! Che un genere umano trasfigurato Sotto il cielo chiaro della giustizia Maturi assieme alla spiga dorata!