The result is as follows. Email Required, but never shown. Email Required, but never shown. Hi Hendy, Can you kindly post your error here so that I can give a better answer: Counting blobs is equal to counting the labels given in the render. Mat does not clone imagedata.


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I would like to track a blue object… Thanks.


You see I am running my code on ubuntu, and it seems like this particular function refers to the windows. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Have u tried the thresholding post?

Hi I think there is a problem with linking of libraries and headers. I have not tested it though. I have a problem that when I run the project camera on and off automatically. Hi there, thanks for these blog it is so useful for me. Hi Hendy, Can you kindly post your error here so that I can give a better answer: To detect a blue object you just have to give proper values for tresholding blue objects.


Detecting blobs using cvblobs library | 8A52labs

I would really really appreciate if you could add this functionality to this code. However, you note that you only to convert gray after thresholding to ipl. Have you used cvBlob library?

I cannot find any of the functions and classes in the documentation and I have figured your code is essentially a c code.

Well in most examples the blobs are being drawn, but I would like the data of the blobs to be printed.

Detecting blobs using cvblobs library

Can you tell me what I need to detect two blobs of same or different colors, locate their Centroids and find the distance between these two blobs?

If nothing works replace screenx and screeny with the values of ur monitor pixel values for width and height. I have problems about configuration cvlbob.h in codeblocks. To use this library in codeblocks just unzip the downloaded library and copy the cvblob.

Hi, Cblob.h is the correct file. Yeh what you said is absolutely true. Presently busy with school but sure I will keep it in mind as a subject for my next blog cvbllob.h. All the comments are approved only when I approve them.


Could you, please, give me some advices on how change the color of the object? And you need a wrapper class for CvBlobs say class cvb:: Hi The VS ask me for a cxtypes.

I’ll have yet to check that those casts work for sure. I am using OpenCv 2.

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Maybe u have not installed the GTK sudo aptitude install gtk2-engines-pixbuf might work. It can be downloaded from http: Post as a guest Name. For this you use cvTrackswhich gives you a label and a lifetime. Hi, I saw your videos at youtube and I have become fan of yours. What Koko Zialcita said in your blog saved me. Some cast will eventually work in a wrapper around cvLabel, but if the imagedata in an iplImage gets reallocated, I’m not sure it does not screw the refcounting in the original cv::