But she was gone. He had never wanted it. I’m not clever ok pls forgive back to commissions I swear I just wanted this. They had met by chance. His body was sore with disuse. Yet here he was, under the shade of the trees and soothed by the sound of running water.

da i kazha li

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It was hard to find something diminutive yet mature.

da i kazha li

The crazy ones, the crazy ones, the crazy ones, the crazy ones – God brings them together! In case you want to use my translations, please, write me a message, otherwise I’ll ask for them to be kaaha.

da i kazha li

I tried to make a new sidebar for my main blog. Republishing it in other websites and media, including youtube, is not allowed, without the permission of the author. It had always been different with his sister. Retired Moderator of the Balkans: This one is actually almost nearly u on. The man had offered that trust to him from nearly day one.


Keep in mind, his mother, the matriarch is a bit non-traditional and cruel. But as suns had worn into moons, and the moons turned and turned.

It never came easy.

Of my favorite boobs for my babs. He never slept more than a bell at a time. But there was little else this could be, he thought, as his eyes finally slid close, and gave in. The arm he had dislocated was still painful, though even that was fading.

This comic might get a bit dark later on!

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He had lived in the wilds, or hopping from inn room to inn. It was the first time the other had been willing to leave since that night. He had tried everything to keep the man at a distance. Now to find asks to reblog or something.

There were never any such rules put in place, and even if there had been, he was not likely to follow and Laurens should have known better. It was late afternoon. I also need to think about opening these for commissions. Become a translator Request new lyrics translation.


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A person who could tend his wounds, a person who gave him medicine. And I decided almost solely based on that smirk. I mean at this point I should just make this a series right. A crop from a project that was inspired from my dark mood of late. I am not in a good place mentally lately.

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Arshtat Ejinn Fan Bingbing – Kaza actress and model. I appreciated his melancholic look, thicker eyebrows, pale eyes and darker hair. Most recent Most popular Most recent. He could feel the gentle warmth on his skin as he took those first steps outside. Moonfire Faire This is obligatory, right?