Now finally, we have something to put all the pieces together with the disclosures of secret space program whistleblower, Corey Goode. If they are loath to follow the Soviet example, they should at least take note of the desperate attempts that the Americans are making to obtain all possible information about flying saucers, which border, in certain cases, on the unscrupulous. At this height, free of the atmosphere and subject only to a small proportion of the vertical component of magnetism, the satellite becomes more subject to its horizontal component and moves at a certain speed corresponding to the relation between its mass and the magnetic impulse. Those who dedicate themselves to the nefarious task of destroying human life no longer have the right to call themselves scientists. Only friendship has real value. Greer MD Narrated by: We showed that all objects have the same rate of fall in a vacuum which disproves Newton’s law as it shows that the mass of the objects is attracted by the vertical, component of magnetism.

dino kraspedon

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Mike Dooley, Tracy Farquhar Narrated by: The deference that has been shown to our book by cultural institutions in the U.

dino kraspedon

This new system could have easily replaced oil, gas, coal, and nuclear plants – and with them, the entire geopolitical and economic order on our planet. WHEN we wrote this book we had not expected so rapid a confirmation of many of our dno.

My Contact with Flying Saucers (1966) ~ by Dino Kraspedon

The book was sent off in June and as early as October the U. When we returned to the sitting-room I decided to try to find out what his scientific knowledge was like; it is one thing to be able to discourse on history and religion and to have the gift of languages, but it is quite another thing to be able to talk on scientific subjects.

It is possible that some of the replies do not reflect the true spirit of the captain, and owing to the time that has elapsed since some of the outlines may have become blurred. Only rkaspedon in a while would his interpretation of events be slightly at variance with our orthodox point of view.


Aladino Félix – Wikipedia

It was apparently not God’s will that xino should iraspedon lacking, as even the Soviets have declared that planets are repelled by the light of the Sun and not attracted by it. In this new chapter we will try to exclude all the unimportant words that passed between us, synthesising the whole conversation in the form of questions and answers. The will have to go out after lunch by themselves. The book, which was suppressed for decades by the FBI because the author was thought to be a terroristrecounts in detail how flying saucers actually work and are powered, and how they overcome the forces of gravity.

Why should they waste their time studying a work of fiction? We showed that all objects have the same rate of fall in a vacuum which disproves Newton’s law as it shows that the mass of the objects is attracted by the vertical, component of magnetism. What plays out is a journey of transformation, with an owl at the heart of each story. Keaspedon few days later he invited us to visit a friend of his.

dino kraspedon

As students of Tesla know, he claimed to have communicated with Venusians many times, which undoubtedly would have included Thor – Earth ambassador and all-around genius. With these reservations we shall now proceed with the subjects that appear most interesting to us.

Aladino Félix

The ancient mythology of the owl is repeating itself within the modern UFO report. It is, however, difficult for a man to keep quiet about flying saucers, especially when someone else is holding forth about them. This examination of Atlantis shows the congruency between mythological accounts across the globe. We gave an account of fragments of it, so as not to impose on our host, but our attempts to cut the story short merely aroused greater interest.

Each chapter tells a deeply personal story where these mysterious experiences are explored in depth.


What those objects were, where they came from, and who – or what – might be inside them is the subject of fierce debate and equally fierce mockery, so that most who glimpsed them came to wish they hadn’t. Being a scientist and not kraspedo to give the Russians the impression that he was a raving lunatic, he told his Soviet friend that our book was in the nature of space fiction and was kgaspedon sample of a new type of Western literature.


I would like to make it clear that I shall not be satisfied with some simple academic definition, and shall require from you a more detailed explanation, which you are obviously in a position to give. We stayed on board for about an hour looking at the various pieces of equipment in dnio machine. However, we have preserved the essence of the replies, based on notes made at the time. Today I have one name, and if tomorrow I should be wiser or better, I should have a different one, and so on.

We have said that gravity is a combination of phenomena in which the atmosphere plays a large part and beyond which one is almost entirely free from gravity.

Written just after his escape from the Pentagon, Thor speaks directly to today’s 21st-century spiritual searcher. Ddino should have been happy to have received even the smallest scientific confirmation, let alone this wealth of proof which has accumulated in so short a time. Valiant Thor Narrated by: As I came face to face with him, I almost lost my voice with surprise; I recognised him as the captain of a flying saucer.

The difficulties we faced him with concerning the Bible were fully explained by him. I had a Great time listening to this Audiobook, loved that it had music themes running in the background