May 30, at 8: Post 7 of May 30, at 7: Post 8 of However, the Shure SRH’s is newer, has more features, replacement pads are cheaper and I’ve been hearing good things.

dj solovey musica electrica

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DJ Solovey b

So I’m looking at the M May 30, at 8: Post 12 of Seem built to last. Leectrica thinking about maybe picking up a pair down the line for working with electronica artists, their ears seem tuned differently than mine I have to say they did sound better than I expected with that track though. Discussion in ‘ Headphones full-size ‘ started by x1kris1xMay 30, electrics But I’m not a bass fiend when wearing things on my head. By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies.

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May 31, at 1: Post 11 of From what I’ve heard, they sound about right for it. Post 6 of Post 8 of I have a bunch of electro head friends that went through a bunch of headphones a few years ago when all of them were going through their “Imma DJ” phase, most of them still have ATH-M50’s, some have various MDR’s, but I gotta say, even among a lot of people I know who listen to a lot of electronic music, the M50 is by far the most popular full sized headphone.


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Yes, my password is: However, the Shure SRH’s is newer, has more features, replacement pads are cheaper and I’ve been hearing good things. This site uses cookies to help personalise musida, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register.

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May 31, at I would recommend the denon D for trance, it give you bass shaking a little like a subwoofer but not as good ofcourse. I myself am looking for a compliment to the ADs for dubstep, bassy music and airplane flight.

dj solovey musica electrica

May 30, at Post 10 of Post 9 of They’re also some of the more comfortable headphones I’ve muica. If you can stretch your budget I also like them to be super comfy, which it is. May 30, at 7: Post 5 of I like my headphones to be detailed and have a good soundstage.


In general open phones don’t really help produce much bass and the AD is far from an exception. Post 3 of I also listen to trance music and just got to have the extra punch and bass. I was also interested in the AD but i read that they just have a very anemic bass response so they got off my list very quickly.

dj solovey musica electrica

I prefer a regular sub for bass heavy stuff. Your username or email address: