Content Approval Workflow Enhancements: We have punted and are creating an installable skin based on the consultant’s work as I suspect they have somehow corrupted the DNN install database side I think. Francisco Perez Andres Vaibhav Garg Vaibhav Garg 2, 3 3 gold badges 25 25 silver badges 48 48 bronze badges. The easiest way I have found is to allow me to check the emails DotNetNuke sends is by adding a section to web.

dotnetnuke 5.6.0

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The new version is Today we released version 2. Perhaps it was disabled. The system has been upgraded to the latest integration best practices from Google and now enables tracking of sub-domains as a single entity as well as the use of up to five segmentation rules dotnetnule page.

I got this error System. This might be to test the templates of an email module, to test localization of the emails DotNetNuke sends out on registration or as password reminders etc. It allows you to create jobs to delete files from a specific folder on your In your development environment you mostly don’t have an email server set up so these emails are not really sent. When developing a custom skin for clients you sometime would like a fixed text to be editable by the administrator.


Hope to meet you there. If your skin has a dark color or an image as the background, there are situations were this background is visible in the editor too. DotNetNuke Professional and Enterprise users also have some significant new enhancements as well including: In addition to these great features and enhancements we resolved many significant issues as noted below.

dotnetnuke 5.6.0

Based on Lucene, the system includes a true web spider that is capable of indexing any site, whether it is built on DotNetNuke or not. The purpose of this list is to identify all domains we are handling.

dotnetnuke 5.6.0

One of the most interesting enhancements in IIS 7. I updated in a futile hope that it was a bug in the old revision. So I decided not to plan anything here.

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Windows Server By Stefan Kamphuis. Fixed issue where registration page is not set correctly during an upgrade. Ventrian NewsArticles is still a very widely used News Articles module.

Robert J Collins 5. Sometimes pages load so slow in the browser, I dotnetnukf a timeout or the page only loads only half. General By Peter Schotman. Comments 0Permalink. So naturally I highly recommend the sessions Beth Massi will be giving on the topic. If you use the mobile detection capabilities, please update your installation with this new release.


Current Articles Archives Search. Additionally, the button which posts the data to the server doesn’t execute any of the server side code confirmed with a debugger but instead just reloads the cached copy. All cache settings and the like have been verified the same between dotnetnukee two and we only resorted to setting the module cache dotnetnuks 0 and -1 and disabling the test site’s cache entirely when we couldn’t find another cause for the problem.

Modules Events Module Over the past few mon The DNN text editor also contains a nifty little spell checker.

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This is the documentation for the of the new Style Helper skin object on Codeplex. This is the same as the installation that still works prior to being modified by a third party’s skin. Sign up or log in Sign up dootnetnuke Google. We found a bug in the stylehelper skin object for DotNetNuke.