Future Dynolicious has an extensive roadmap of future features. Tower defense and clicker games combined; this is an alien invasion like never before. Share your stories, projects, or events with others. And with detailed horsepower and torque curves not to mention AFR , a traditional dyno is still the best means of getting accurate figures at the wheels. Oo Well I dont know what to think about this app. Dynolicious becomes the home for your vehicles test results, photo galleries, stories, and posts.

dynolicious fusion

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dynolicious fusion

Always obey traffic laws. A drop down menu will appear.

Metric equivalents also available. While Motive wanted to find out how the Dynolicious would do with times, we were interested in how close it would come to wheel horsepower given both an estimated weight and drivetrain loss. Classic is the original Dynolicious originally released in Get help, inspiration, or just see something cool.

Tower defense and clicker fuzion combined; this is an alien invasion like never before.

Dynolicious Fusion app for iPhone and iPad

Dynolicious Fusion is a mobile app that connects to Dynolicious Connect. Dynolicious is optimized for use on the iPhone 4, 4S and 5. Skid track function work but no response in test. Follow vehicles that interest you to keep updated with all the lastest news, photos, and stories. Can anyone tell me why this is? We ran to 60 six separate times, with semi-consistent launches although we weren’t clutch dropping for the quickest time and recorded output figures ranging from to hp.


X Sign In Please sign in to leave a comment. Thank You Thanks for subscribing. What version of iOS am I running? Dynolicious Fusion incorporates innovative sensor fusion algorithms to combine inputs from your iPhones accelerometer, gyro, compass, and GPS to generate more accurate performance test results than ever before possible on a mobile device. For that amount of money I expect a functioning app as soon as possible or my money back.

Share your stories, projects, or events with others. What a mess This app crashes all over the place.

dynolicious fusion

That meant hitting up the Dynojet at Modacar and strapping our own Project Track Slut onto the rollers. Awesome Discovery See what others are doing with their fision. Dynolicious Fusion app for iPhone and iPad 4.

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Always obey traffic laws. Dynolicious is intended for experienced drivers in a suitable location. Fusion is dyno,icious completely brand-new testing suite which also includes Dynolicious Connect.

Analyze your driving style to improve lap times at the track. Dynolicious allows you to quickly and easily share your photos with others.


dynolicious fusion

The Team Fusion App connects the entire fusuon to updates, news, announcements, audio and video trainings, resource websites, and quick links to key team functions Build a mighty robo-hero to take on endless hordes of battle-droids with an arsenal of cannons, missiles, lasers and more.

Feel free to keep all of your awesomeness to yourself!

Especially since I mounted it to the windshield as you instructed. A history of test results for your car are saved, so averages and trends can instantly be retrieved. Users of iPod Touch devices may want to consider purchasing Dynolicious Classic instead. With our BMW is mounted onto a Dynojet on a degree day, it put down a respectable, dyno,icious not particularly powerful, hp to the rear wheels.