Ability to backup a custom NV item range based on a user defined list. Now you will get another window will show the status of the device model number, firmware version, root and BusyBox version, etc 6. Since EFS Pro can use an internal BusyBox instead of the one on the device, only use this option if you experience hanging or freezing when performing backup and restore operations. Link is already given, and is working fine!! The answer is pretty simple and the reason might be a daring activity on your part. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

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Option to Format EFS to wipe all data and recreate partition. Fixed a few bugs in several areas of the code. Far better to say — more than one place that you should backupthe device and the PCyou can choose both sthyanake. If you can’t find an answer, post it here, being sure to give as much information as possible firmware version, steps to reproduce, logcat if available so that you can get help. I do not think you need a guide to do that.

Please help Thank you very much Loading Extract and read device’s PIT file to ensure efficient and accurate backup and restore operations Samsung devices only. I have a samsung galaxy s4 mini gt-i with stock rom rooted with android 4.


Turn on file with EFS Professional. Whether it is possible to make a new one or clone existing one from another phone using this software? Once installed, run the app. Now supporting NON-Samsung devices! Contact Professiional Policy Cookie Policy.

Backup and Restore EFS or IMEI on Samsung Galaxy Devices

Here you can format the Corrupted EFS if you do not needthen you do not need to format 6. But it is certainly not wise to rely blindly on the wisdom of others.

Checking of Device Profile to determine if a Partition Location is valid or not. Below is given a codefirst try with it. Amaro C March 19, Please note that backups made with older versions are not compatible with the new EFS Professional v2. Ability to backup a custom NV item range based on a user defined list. On Samsung Galaxy devices, the IMEI and other connectivity data are stored in this particular folder that I have been mentioned several times so far.

Ability to backup a custom Sfs item range based on a user defined list. With a hope that it proves helpful profexsional the community, allow me to wind up here. Now supporting NON-Samsung devices! I am not sure how many of you visiting this page are familiar with the presence and importance of the EFS thing that we are going to talk about today!


[TOOL] Updated! 19/01/13 – EFS Professional v2.0.9 – Now with Qualcomm support!

Make sure you have made all preparations detailed above. Option to repair NV data file ownership to fix ‘Unknown baseband’ and ‘No signal’ issues.

You might have heard or faced personally the issue when your device shows the inability to mount EFS:. November 29, Leave a comment. Lijh April 26, Mensagem publicada 02 February – Here is how it can be done:. V2.1.733 MD5 hash during backup and restore operations to verify integrity of data written. Automatic detection and switching of USB settings for various operation modes. It is a free app and called kTool.

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