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enkord games gunrox

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Steam used to have Steam Greenlight that allowed the community of video games to upvote which indie games would be launched on the steam store. Make a really good flash game and spread it over. Recovery of lost account.

GUNROX – Free Multiplayer Online Turn-based Squad Tactics Game – official site

We have plans for Steam, but don’t have any specific time estimations. Spend your hard earned kreds on some of these games! And emkord love mushrooms too: I am not sure if you think this is possible on your end, but here are gqmes details that could get you started Community is golden if you will decide to make it true indie style. A large community is forming around this emerging classic as players train their squads, acquire powerful weapons and develop incredible skills.


They look funny and add some light fantasy appeal. At the moment, popular games like League Of Legends and Hearthstone have a very strong competitive aspect to the game and they both have low enkodd requirements to run. Steam pfft pfft not great.

You plan to be portal independent — how strong are your direct sales and how long did it take for you to get them to that level? You can try making a portal game, but it probably has to be a precise clone, or you can make something niche. Player that logged in at least once during last month. Why do governments around the world spend billions of dollars waging war when they could settle their differences in Gunro for free? Sell More Games Knowledge based on experience. Yes, eventually we will put it on Steam.

Get your games in front of thousands of users while monetizing through ads and virtual goods. Would you mind to give any advice for starting indies?

Moving Enkord Games to Steam for more popularity

Since this past February, Steam decided to change that to Steam Direct to “allow developers an easier way to get their game to the marketplace”. Contact me at yaroslav enkord. Please login or register.

You will always be able to play your favorite games on Kongregate. Great interview but when I click on links to Enkord. I won’t go through all of it, but here is a “general” list on how to get your game onto steam:. Their latest releases — Totem Tribe and Gunrox — are green lights in indie and casual games.


Keep exploring Kongregate with more badges and games!

enkord games gunrox

If you count for-profit MUDs and their variants, it was beaten by gajes. Upload Your Game Our Publishing Program With our publishing program, we can help get your games to millions of users on multiple platforms! After releasing a game you will have experience behind your back. Do you think that casual players are ready for that?

enkord games gunrox

Is it worth going beyond setting up a contract in Plimus? Portals are ultra-protective about their customers and they gynrox treat releasing MMO as a breach in their customer protection even if we hide away all external URLs leading to our site.

In This Article G. Like you said in another post on these forums, the development of the game depends on whether the community supports it.