Limited Movement This option basically sets the current location as its homepoint and if set to pull will grab mobs within the distance defined on the pull spell. I say mostly AFK because you have to baby sit it. Or if you are feeling froggy you can write your own ISX scripts for innerspace to do the stuff. This allows one class file’s combat function to behave very differently than anothers while all being controlled via one shared core driven by a simple UI. Blitzkrieg Time Traveling Troll.


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Yes, my password is: Checking and canceling FD, or maintaining some situational buffs is typically handled here. Anyone eqb2ot of any good EQ2 bots? Send a private message to hawthorne. Last time I had anything for it came from Tault, and that was a craft bot. Find all posts by Ladon. Amadeus Nov 25, Spell lists, or lack thereof.

AmadeusJun 18, TheHaydens Inquisitor script not working jamonlineMar 1, Setting this option without defining a Pull spell or type, and setitng a distance does nothing Wait for priest Power. How prioritized these casts are, and if they are called at all is Class File dependent.

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If you feel additional options need to exist for your class, contact the contributor and discuss the request. Isxeq2 not working since patch mssAug 6, The end script button on the Main tab does not work. BB code is On.


Log in or Sign up. You may have up to 40 actions in your data set, and each action can have as many individual spells as you like. Both have their strengths and weaknesses.

Select corresponding spells for each selection. By example, EQ2Bot handles determining when your toon is in combat, and once identified contues to call the combat function in the Class File until such time as the incombat event is no longer true.

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A beneficial spell works the same regardless of priest, mage or fighter. Take your time going thru this tab and select the spell you wish for your toon to use in order to advance each of the Heroic Op icons. Warn Tank on Agro: This is a good place to but things like calls to Rescue, Intercepts, or other situational abilities. OgreBot is really nice. The modules in the Nexus Heroic slamNov 25, For information on the repository see this thread: You must log in dq2bot sign up to post here.

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You will only get a feel for this by using it and observing it. EQ2Bot range values are close to those in the game, but not e2bot.


Remember to click the set button anytime you change the pull spell, or the ranges associated with it Engage in AutoAttack Self dq2bot, but understand if you are not the Main Tank, EQ2Bot will position you behind the mob on autoattack by eq2bto. I think OgreBot may even be dependent on EQ2Bot, requiring a 3rd subscription if you want to use it, but I could be wrong about that.

While he will just stand there and get beat on, you other toons will react when dammage shield or auto ripostle gets the mob down to an assist percentage.


Overview Activity Knowledgebase Issues Wiki. Autohunting Set the range to search for mobs and the bot will do just that, search the area around it, select a target, kill, search again, select, kill, repeat.


These settings are exposed to you by the Class File Contributors.