This sample has been altered to be half as I have used this low sound as a sort of cymbal crash, but studio engineers used to get confused when they heard it coming out of the same audio output as the regular snare sound. They are presented here for illustrative purposes only. String Chord D. Timbre August 10th, downloads 2 comments. Quite a rich sound — which can be a problem!

fairlight orch5 sample

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Orch5 | Peter Vogel Instruments

Developers Blog About Terms of use. Views Read Edit View history. Faiglight following samples are examples of orchestra hit voices on different sound modules. Karma-Ron April 18th, downloads 0 comments. One sound is pretty normal, while the second one has deep vibrato and portamento that makes the notes “swoop” around.

fairlight orch5 sample

I added a bit of brightness to this example by playing two notes, one an octave above the other. Most of the examples were recorded with a SoundBlaster in bit mono at 11KHz in order to keep the file sizes down.

Note that every sound, from a hammer hitting an anvil to a dog bark, has a dominant musical pitch. A recreation of the clasic 80s orchestral stab – mp3 version A recreation of the clasic 80s orchestral stab – ogg version A recreation of the clasic 80s orchestral stab – waveform A recreation of the clasic 80s orchestral stab – spectrogram The trick is to use sounds where the note is particularly prominent.


Fairlight Orchestral 2.0

Again, no processing was applied. Orchestra hit is defined in the General Midi sound set.

Best, Curwen fairliht, Culture at the Cutting Edge: Timbre August 10th, downloads 2 comments. Please contact me if you wish to use them elsewhere.

Your Favorite Fairlight Songs The votes are in! The Fairlight’s 8-bit sounds are particularly vulnerable to aliasing.

fairlight orch5 sample

The rest of the instruments are all percussive and needed to be micro-tuned in order to bring them to the same standard pitch reference. First, it is played in the normal range, then very low in pitch.

Orchestra hit – Wikipedia

It contains samples from the IIx library. The sound is used in pophip hop and techno genres to accentuate passages of music. Strings based fear drone or ambience – film or trailer usable.

Samples like this tend to have a range of about an octave above and below the original pitch. Rather than simply playing the sample usually one noteI have created short phrases in an attempt to present the sounds in context. Pro Rec may not still have the right to sell this CD, so let your conscience guide you.


String Chord D. Synthesized orchestra hit from Roland ‘s VSC3.

Orchestra hit

Retrieved from ” https: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Monkey Pants December 22nd, downloads 8 comments.

A compromise for longer durations would be lower bitrates, which would leave the sample with little timbre. Lowering the pitch of samples is a great way to create mysterious ambient effects.

This one is fairly clean and simple, and that feature makes it quite useable in a variety of places, without jumping out too much. The effect sounds almost like reverb, but this was recorded directly out of the Fairlight with no processing applied. For the musical performance technique, see accent music and sforzando musical direction. In the early days of the Fairlight, we had to be careful to play instruments the “right” way, but these days, listeners accept just about anything.

fairlight orch5 sample