Thanks to the guys at Torn Flesh Records for releasing the album. The songs is kind of dramatic, because it suddenly changes. I’ve enjoyed the drums especially because they didn’t use blast beats, and in the end the slow tempo may be the secret formula of this album. Just wish I could have got a physical copy of Megladon! Yazz Ahmed guests and we feature “The Music of” tribute to French musical legends.

guttural slug megalodon

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It’s a bit more “individualized” album, but if you ask me the album’s slightly more personally defined style comes at a price. Xlug guitars that boost the brutality are slow and heavy and the gutturals are obviously brutal and the secondary voices are great, too. Megalodon by Guttural Slug. On Megalodonthe guitar tone is less retardedly massive and the songwriter is obviously trying to focus on more conventional slam, but with a distinct scarcity of faster sections in the music, the waves of groove after groove after groove start to feel a bit monotonous and Guttural Slug aren’t playing the right style of music to justify it.

It sounds like the deepest dark depths of the ocean, the same place where you can find strange species the ones you probably don’t want do face when you’re underwater with some shining stuff above their heads.

Somehow, through some sort gutturall divine magic, the Guttural Slug songwriter managed to get a second full-length out just guttrual months after the first one.

guttural slug megalodon

Take-no-prisoners metalcore with blazing riffs and aggressive vocals from this Texas group. The first secondary voice you will find gutfural in “Eye of the Cyclop”, the second track. In the “body of the album” or something like this you will find the kinds of secondary voices like screams, cries, and spoken verses. MutantClannfearJune 29th, Not bad, but nothing too noteworthy either.


guttural slug megalodon

The best aspects I found about this band, you can see ghttural yourself: Streaming and Download help. This album has the same problem the last one did where the production on songs varies noticeably, though to this album’s credit the two different production sounds are grouped together and not littered throughout the length of the album.

It’s improved in a few other ways, but the songwriting’s still got a lot of catching up to do and the band’s new approach to BDM just exposes that fact even more.

TFR616 – Guttural Slug – Megalodon

An extensive compilation of metal, hardcore, punk, and folk songs benefitting reproductive justice non-profits around the world.

Eyes of Abomination Bonus track Larry Wang Mmegalodon Top Form!

XyrthJuly 13th, You cannot effectively think to yourself “hmm, the music needs to change its pace right here or it’ll start to plod” while the album is repeatedly introducing a brass knuckle to your face.

The music is a lot more based on ordinary modern slam: So, there it is, I found it a purpose. This album is a must! Definitely a good album, if maybe playing it a tad safe and sticking to methods that have been tried and true for several years. I can feel the sensation crawling whenever I jam into it.

Invoke The Brutality: Guttural Slug – Megalodon ()

It’s always a welcome change of pace to find a brutal album that opts for another visual than assorted variations on the concept of transmogrified human anatomy or contorted monstrosities based upon said concept. I think it’s a pretty common thing now for a metalhead, or anyone actually, to browse through YouTube to listen to a beloved song and, a couple of clicks later, one finds itself listening to something completely different. You may hear a man saying megalodln epic verse of the album, “this is a dangerous group” when the track is about to end, and the most epic part is that the drums seems to be played just like the voices.


Yazz Ahmed guests and we feature “The Music of” tribute to French musical legends.

Thanks to the guys at Torn Flesh Records for releasing the album. Bandcamp Album gutyural the Day Aug 15, go to album. If you like modern brutal death metal, you may like it. Even when the songs blend into one another without discernible highlights or memorable moments, this works for me as a kind of extreme elevator music.

For the most part, this is pretty par for the course as far as down-tempo brutality goes, though it is a fair bit more competent than some other younger acts coming out of the northern reaches of Europe and Eurasia of late.

There’s a bit more variance in the songwriting, and a few of the slams even feel like the really groovy kind that would usually come from an East Coast US band. They do sound like one.