If that is successful an erotic full screen photo appears as well as her panties showing up in your inventory. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. More importantly it will give me 3 extra opportunities to talk after the date. I buy her food and we go on a date that is successful. I open the HunieBee and click settings gear then switch from normal to easy.

huniebee game

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Then on the right, bring the lower heart down. After losing my data saves I did it again. I think i hkniebee something. Passion was at 14, 16 is the max, again 14 worked. At any time you can quit dating and simply go from girl to girl talking, collecting Hunie, upgrading traits, moving on, talking, collecting Hunie, upgrading traits That way I’ll have more sentiment to start the date and get more Hunie for talk afterwards.

huniebee game

While on the round of 4th dates with the girls, I visit Nikki hunieebe night at the beach. Now let’s look at the trait levels and date gifts. There are no date gifts she loves.

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Look carefully at the lower left section agme the puzzle. Give her the dirty magazine and you get a weird thing in return. In order to progress through the game, players must take the women on dates, where they will play a tile matching game where they must make matches of 3 or more of the same tokens. All I have is for food, but I buy huniebde that so I get a couple of extra moves and more energy for talk after the date.


huniebee game

It is the multiplier for all affection matches. Originally posted by TwilightDusk:. I buy her all the food she will eat and drink to fill the meter.

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The date is successful and afterwards we talk so I can get more Hunie. I change back to easy game difficulty and begin the date. You have a lot more room in the inventory after the panties are gone. The ones we have are pretty good, but later hunirbee the affection goal is in the thousands and not hundreds, we will need the best.

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In this example run I have been playing, we have had good luck and I haven’t made any big errors. Retrieved March 6, — via Twitter. I don’t buy anything now.

If you don’t, continue to talk to the girls after the date to earn Hunie and get all your traits maxed. Here is Alpha date 6.


I have enough Hunie to upgrade a 1, trait so I choose huinebee, her favorite. I have only 28 sentiment, I am going to need more.

huniebee game

Let’s not forget the ability to track and stalk any woman ever with the only requirement apparently being that its owner knows her first name. Having the difficulty set on easy made the goal 79 instead of I’m not sure I’ve ever had uhniebee bad luck. In this game there is a race, a ratio of escalating factors. I can make one more trait upgrade 1, so I choose luck.

That date was successful. Then we give the Leopard print pumps as soon as possible.

Traits are the opposite, they make it easier to win. There is only one problem, when the 4 talent tokens are drained from the board they are replaced with 3 broken heart tokens which match and drop the affection gained back to less than before the move.