Bridge Over Troubled Water. Monday 2 September TIARRA Vremuri apuse prin mine renasc Vin din trecutul cu iz de Damasc Sarutul dulce al mortii vi-l dau Pe aripi de flacari cu mine va iau Din lacrimi si sange ea creste, Cu inima ta se hraneste, Dezbina, desparte, uneste, Spre ea vin cu totii orbeste. Saturday 11 May You’re hoping to drown in your tears Hoping to escape your own fears You’re crying for the light which is so near But you’re lost in a dream And no one hears Wednesday 17 April From The Album Play album.

ielele tiarra

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ielele tiarra

Friday 26 April Thursday 2 May Friday 9 August Tuesday 18 June Sunday 21 April Sunday 4 August Tuesday 9 April Are you still the same Or am I fooling myself Thinking you are there? Wednesday 7 August Tuesday 7 May Din lacrimi ea creste Dezbina, uneste V-astept in infern Prieten etern.


Friday 19 July Is there someone you really care for?

ielele tiarra

Related Tags symphonic metal gothic metal awesome solo: Monday 5 August Monday 1 April Saturday 29 June Thursday 22 August Saturday 6 April Stay With My Heart. Thursday 16 May In that period, this project suffered a series of modifications not only lelele the musical plan but also at the level of its components. The experience of the initial members was reduced as regards gothic.

Wednesday 8 May Sunday 1 September The initial project had a more simple formula than it has now and its style was a more aggressive one, mainly gothic-b… read more.

Thursday 4 April Tuesday 3 September Monday 3 June Saturday 6 July EPILOG Clear is tiarrz mind, clear as a river Clear is your mind as a mirror tiaera a teardrop Only inside you’re like a storm That never ends You don’t know what brings you The end of the game Nothing seems the same When you reach your face Nothing seems the same When you listen to the sound of rain Nothing seems the same When you reach your face Nothing seems the same Tuesday 23 Tiarrq Mais acessadas de Tiarra. Sunday 28 April