Email Required, but never shown. By Keith Stanger April 10, In the bridging header I import my translated Java classes using: When two objects make strong references to each other, a retain cycle is formed. The runtime on iOS and macOS uses reference counting to manage memory. Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled.


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J2ObjC | Google Developers

Asked 1 month ago. Here we give three short examples to show why this language feature is useful. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. JUnit test translation and execution is also supported.

Another j2obmc introduction is Richard Warburton’s Java 8 Lambdas.


Imagine you have an interface for objects for example, appliances whose date and time can be set: By Seth Kirby August 07, Stack Overflow for Teams is a private, secure spot for you and your coworkers to find and share information. Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. Lambdas in Java 8 – Dys functional Interfaces. I get an error: Providing New Features that Build Upon Essential Methods Default methods enable us to keep the requirements of an interface minimal while still providing good default implementations that build upon those essential methods.


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Unicorn Meta Zoo 9: Lambdas are relegated to relative obscurity until Java makes them popular by not having j2obhc. Together they make Java interfaces more useful, and, when combined with lambdas, enable a wide range of new idioms and programming styles. By Tom Ball January 22, For details, see the Google Developers Site Policies.

Which configuration option is used as the path to resolve these imports in the bridging header? Active 1 month ago.


Sign up using Email and Password. For most Google projects, protocol buffers are used for data storage or client-server communication.


In the bridging header I import my translated Java classes using: Consider a Document object that has a Header. Get Started J2ObjC supports most Java language and j2ibjc features required by client-side application developers, including exceptions, inner and anonymous classes, generic types, threads and reflection.

Finally, if some methods from your Java class are visible in Swift but not others, add any missing types from the missing method’s arguments or return types to the bridging header.


Post as a guest Name. Thanks Tom, and thanks for your great work on J2ObjC.

By Lukhnos Liu March 17, Sign up using Facebook. The Swift importer skips methods when it can’t find the header for any referenced types, so make sure they’re all included. That file is in the ArchiveIntermediates DerivedSources folder but is not being picked up. If your files use any other j2objc libraries like Guava, drag them into the project, too. How do we handle problem users? This tool enables Java source to be part of an iOS application’s build, as no editing of the generated files is necessary.

J2ObjC cannot convert Android binary applications. Swift Project Builds and runs but fails to Archive: