Here’s an improv piece I played using it Dream setting with a tiny hair of QL spaces on the master buss. Thread starter Hans Adamson Start date Feb 12, I was waiting for this. Hello Silence, I am sorry, but you are mistaken about this. Andrew Goodwin Active Member.

malmsjo acoustic grand

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All user reviews for the Art Vista Malmsjö Acoustic Grand

Impulse response convolution immediately accessible from the main interface. Basically my long lost love from Gigastudio. Now if we could only get Larry Sayer granf converted over. TeetowMay 19, Andrew Goodwin Active Member. Forums Latest Posts Search forums.

malmsjo acoustic grand

The harder it is played the more it malmssjo like an upright; and in fact, what they are calling the Rock version sounds very much like an upright to me with one exception And I miss the harmonic resonances that occur when using pedal, or when playing chordal structures. Your name or email address: I’m in desperate need of good pianos.

Hans Adamson Senior Member.

malmsjo acoustic grand

Yes, my password is: Obviously no disrespect intended to this apperently much appreciated piano vi. I went to the site and checked it out. Calibrated keyboard responses for a large number of keyboard controllers.


Art Vista’s Malmsjo GVI Piano Plugin

Hey guys and gals? Unfortunately, I will not be able to do any studio work for a few weeks, so it will be a while before I can create any comparative demos.

malmsjo acoustic grand

Although I think the overal malmsuo has a nice charachter, I am always selective when it comes to hearing how a vi-piano performs with classical music where it to me becomes obvious where the limitations are. I’m just again divorced and now have to spend my money elsewhere.

Art Vista’s Malmsjo Acoustic Grand piano sample

Re-edited pristine samples for use with EQ and convolution. This is a beautiful silky smooth piano 6 foot, I believe they said when you play it soft. But very gramd I will buy certainly this piano.

Kontakt owners will need to import the sample with Kontakt, and then replace the. Noam Guterman Active Member.

Art Vista Releases MALMSJÖ GVI for Kontakt

Congratulations Hans, and anyone wise enough to grab this gem. Silence, I understand it is a misunderstanding.

By this I mean it is really clear in the lowend and doesn’t sound so boxy. Switchable high octave dampers. Or at least how it has improved the overall sound of malmdjo vi.


I compared it to the demos of other sampled pianos I have accumulated most of them surely by now and while it doesn’t compete with grajd Steinways and Bosendorfers and isn’t intended toit nevertheless has its own unmistakeable place. Hans Adamson Art Vista Productions http: This would be fun to see live as these pianos are also gorgeous to look at in the pictures provided courtesy of this site.

I was waiting for this. Mapmsjo on my list. Here’s an improv piece I played using it Dream setting with a tiny hair of QL spaces on the master buss.