Hi, I have 10 GB worth of maps. The resulting difference between the two war3map. But it have 1 difference: And restrict rhasta and lion to guinsoo. Pls make the ss of Traxex active. Please let me know if I missed anything, it was not easy to decipher your full meaning from that jumble of words:. My project is a cheat pack.

map hack dota 6.78c

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I do not know english as well mpa you. Shot a mortar bomb that explodes at impact causing fire the ground for a moment. Please consider about it. Dota only loads stuff it needs when it needs them. I have dozens of e-mails; “Please let me know if I missed anything, it was not easy to decipher your full meaning from that jumble of words. A liabilities of improvement of armor and speed index.

map hack dota 6.78c

The main point of this post is: Nerf Azgalor’s firestorm early damage. Maybe a technical buff? If you can;t kill yourself let someone else do it for ya.

map hack dota 6.78c

Tauren – slight increase in Nature’s Order AOE Wisp – buff in his base strength and strength gain plus 1 starting armor Huskar – nerf on his agility Bristleback – needs some serious buff Doom – slight nerf on Doom duration Abaddon – slight increase on Borrowed time Balanar – nerf on his strength.


Have many Heroes of Strength.

Bob Reduce Skeleton’s KIng ulty cd? Get Updates via Email! Ultimates don’t need to be loaded at the start either. Speed is important if the host knows about the cheats.

I think shes balanced so as drow coz they dont have survival skills. Pls i think that invokers ghost walk should have a limit to how long you can use it, and that it should be like a normal wind walk, it’s just disturbing if he want’s he can stay in ww the whole game Mortar team destroys a part of the ground creating an impassable path, damage and stun.

Increas enigmas eidolons duration and make blackhole sceptre upgradeable Also try to make it not possible to use omniknight repel on enemy heroes cuz it happens by mistake sometimes Thnx A fan.

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Or decrease cd of mirana jump and buff ms aura that it gives to allied heroes. I want something like your map.

map hack dota 6.78c

That section being mysterious is intentional. Widgetizing and optimizing is all dota needs to load fast and be small. At least add 3 or more new heroes soz items. I can do it. Removing my email address, and removing yours as well since fake. Although, if the specific cheat pack calls DotA functions too, not just natives, then there will be incompatibilities. But it have 1 difference: It is easy to hack maps by installing a cheatpack, but some people will notice right away.


Kunkka – opponents hit by the incoming ship should take damage but only those that are inside the ship crash AOE shall be stunned. Or giving a skill like disrupters nuke 4 instances of dmg 6.78x of 3. Add him to CM.

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There is no need to resubmit the comment as it will be approved if found to be appropriate. Nerf Phoenix’s atk speed slow, and i think it will be ready for CM. IceFrog Can u just give back our 6. It throws of granita or of stone: