After you did this you can save the Script with another Name and look it up in the Script folder. Contact us for more. The time now is When you got a murder, bot will Disconnect from Game. Option 2 – Not recommanded, use edxProxy, download edxproxy dll file, put it in agbot folder, in agbot menu there is a drop down menu ‘Redirect Silkroad’ select edxProxy and install. When your HP-Count is below […] percent, bot will use potions. But don’t forget to run the bot and nuConnector as an admin!!!

mediapatcher agbot

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Contact us for more. I opened this topic because the other topic hasn’t updated since and I’m tired of quoting myself over and over again. Multi client didn’t work! When you have patched silkroad with mediapatcher. Interested in getting involved?

Agbot released –

Copy all files in silkroad dicretory and run Loader. P You can dl agbot here I believe not sure if they are updated if not search rev6 agbot on google click first link Code:. Here AgBot tutorial by Mass Mods: Dont want to download the maps everytime a new version of the bot is out. All credits goes to the AgBot team: Click Put the three files in your system32 map C: First of all i want to say: Not equipment just the inventory and then teleport with return scroll or between towns.


How to install the bot for SRO: Now hopefully your skills should be shown, if they dont please do a bugreport.

Sro agbot download

Link to download from official site:. Please use only the above download link.

Click Download Link for the Map-Files: The time now is Another line to fill in: Try to start the bot as a Admin. When your HP-Count is below […] percent, bot will use potions.

Program FilesSilkroad and run it it will create 2 files port. You need thoose to unpatch the media.

mediapatcher agbot

It’ll say the file is registered. Any other threads about AgBot will be removed and the poster warned.

Oh, and maybe you should add the hint to set the priority of agbot. First extract all AgBot files in to a folder, call it whatever you want and place it where ever you want. Please turn off your AntiVirus and don’t download something, don’t visit internet sites, only play the game in the time that your AntiVirus is off! Here you can download sro shared files: Now you can choose the script by clicking on the left dropdown menu and choose LevelUp and than in the right dropdown menu the script you just made.


When this option is disabled, no sounds are played like died-sound, back-town sound, pm sound and so on.

[BOT] AgBot (RevBot)

If u dont mind give me a link please. In the folder there is a file called MediaPatcher. Register for your free account!

mediapatcher agbot