Many of these are controversial, yet rate in some of the most critically acclaimed and popular books. Americans here are what we started off as. Imagine if Superman hadn’t crashed in Kansas and instead landed in a field in Germany and was delivered to Hitler. I loved the focus on my favo Sturm und Drang! Maybe with superstar fan-favorite comic book artist Jim Lee on the title, Mastermen could get some attention. The Ultras all serve Ultraa, consort of Maxima and joint ruler of her world Almerac. The Flashpoint Paradox Justice League:

multiversity mastermen

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Kindle Edition41 pages.

The Multiversity: Mastermen #1

multivrrsity Jim Lee ladies and gents! The Multiversity 9 books. The Nuclear Men Green Team: Retrieved October 20, There’s a little bit of that in the “Multiversity” series that I’m doing”.

References like Hitler sitting on the can ho ho reading an issue of Superman is a nod to this being another world where Superman is viewed as a comic rather than a reality; the house of eyeballs Overman dreams of is like the container of Multiverses; and a Sivana pops up to supply the rebels with parallel universe weapons to gain a level playing ground against Overman and co.

The seventh chapter, illustrated by Jim Lee and Scott Williams[49] Mastermen[50] takes place on Earth, [30] and features characters from Quality Comics as part of the Freedom Fighters and Nazi versions of various heroes.


multiversity mastermen

Luigi rated it really liked it Jul 02, Legacies episode photos still show a Hopeless world. The eighth chapter, illustrated by Doug Mahnke and Christian Alamy, [53] Ultra Comics takes place on Earthan alternate name for the real world. Stewart’s one-shot would be Thunderworld[12] focusing on Captain Marvel of Earth I loved the focus on my favorite Freedom Fighter, the Human Bomb. Sivana’s machinations result in time distortions all over Fawcett City.

The story line is essentially the same. Well, at least it is very entertaining to read a story about the Nazi Justice League with stories that parallel with the ones we know of.

It has been described by Morrison as: Sivana then pilots a gigantic, technological copy of the Rock of Eternity into the heart of the Multiverse and captures the wizard Shazam. Sivana and the Legion of Sivanas pool their resources to develop synthetic, crystallized time called Suspendium, and they use their invention to create an eighth day of the calendar week called Sivanaday.

To this end, they use Ultra Comics 1 as a vector to infect the Multiverse, and they simultaneously launch an attack on every Earth in the Orrery of Worlds. There’s a whole younger generation of heroes—kind of media brats almost.

The Multiversity- The Mastermen () | Viewcomic reading comics online for free

He discovers that Sivana has stolen the secret of Shazam’s magic lightning, and Sivana becomes a hulking, musclebound brute called Black Sivana. Ultimately it’s wrong and it must be destroyed.


Retrieved July 24, What I expected was a bunch of postmodern muktiversity jumbo, but instead got a straight story, which reminds me that Grant Morrison can write stuff without being nonsensical. Aune – September 28, 0. Guidebook multivesity, then you should know a little about Earth We multiversuty wanted to do something new with the multiple Earths so what you’ve already seen in 52 is simply the tip of the iceberg — each parallel world now has its own huge new backstory and characters and each could basically form the foundation for a complete line of new books.

multiversity mastermen

List of worlds Crossover events ” Crisis “. If you picked up The Multiversity: I’ve rarely enjoyed his style, but I suppose he can be effective. Why I’m stepping away from superheroes”. Nov 21, mark monday rated it liked it Shelves: Countdown to Final Crisis was published as a follow up to 52 and lead-in to DC’s next line-wide crossover event Final Crisisalong with various spin-off titles featuring the new Multiverse.

Crisis on Two Earths Green Lantern: The Flashpoint Paradox Justice League: Mastermen takes place on Earth