This gives a “raw” measure of how many contributions and feedback has been provided by the community over the time. See MyFaces Mailing Lists. Active 2 years ago. All gone with MyFaces. The latest release of MyFaces Core is 2. At that moment around , MyFaces was definitely the more stable alternative. Browse through their issue reports MyFaces and Mojarra to learn about the previously fixed issues and the currently open issues.

myfaces api 2.0 jar

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Cratylus Cratylus 35k 55 55 gold badges silver badges bronze badges. Mojarra caught up only since version 2.

myfaces api 2.0 jar

You’ve copied and pasted this from someone else’s website therefore it needs proper attribution. The fact that you can change from one implementation to other is a fact of the quality of JSF standard spec. I am starting on JSF2. Maybe it has been fixed on versions above 2. Sign up using Email and Password. There is not much difference between mojarra and MyFaces.

myfaces api 2.0 jar

I don’t see what should be changed. Unicorn Meta Zoo 9: This param is no longer necessary. Mateus Viccari Mateus Viccari 3, 11 11 gold badges 45 45 silver badges 86 86 bronze badges. AlanObject AlanObject 4, 15 15 gold badges 66 66 silver badges bronze badges.


Retrieved from ” https: I don’t work for Mojarra. How do you know it was Mojarra’s fault and which version and not you doing something wrong where Mojarra rightfully failed and MyFaces is unrightfully accepting something that was against the specs? However I myffaces switched to Primefaces instead and that works fine under Mojarra.

Maven Repository: ยป myfaces-api

Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. In this case, MyFaces Core has some cool optimizations over partial state saving, composite components and much more!. Life is too short to submit bug reports just kidding. Apache MyFaces is an Apache Software Foundation project that creates and maintains an open-source JavaServer Faces implementation, along with several libraries of JSF components that can be deployed on the core implementation.

Note I’m a committer of MyFaces project, so I’ll give you here just my point of view: If you were 2.0 using MyFaces, just stick to it unless you encounter a heavy MyFaces-specific bug which doesn’t manifest iar Mojarra. Admittedly this was a prototype that doesn’t use all of the JSF functionality, but I was quite impressed by this demonstration of compatibility via standards compliance.


The project is divided into several sub-projects:. Report if necessary to keep the overall quality of the both implementations high.

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About halfway the Mojarra 1. Noted should be that since Mojarra 2. It provides some SPI interfaces to deal with special setups, when you need more control over classloading. I just use Mojarra extensively and I am an avid bug reporter for Mojarra. Should I prefer Mojarra as lighter? From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

jsf – Difference between Mojarra and MyFaces – Stack Overflow

But on the bottom there is a lot of reasons why MyFaces Core 2. And what was the error? Retrieved 15 June

myfaces api 2.0 jar