Times Point Know more. Disease and curse happens for good reason. Other monumental works by Bhattathiri include a treatise on Sanskrit Grammar, entitled Prakriyasarvasva , a work similar to the Siddhanta Kaumudi, but written earlier. Both as a poem and as a devotional hymn, Narayaneeyam occupies a very high place in Sanskrit literature. The Bhagavata Purana is a major Hindu scripture consisting of about 18, verses, mainly devoted to the worship of Krishna.

narayaneeyam slokas

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narayaneeyam slokas

Have you sloias any loved one of yours been diagnosed with some serious disease? It is said that the work has the blessings of Lord Krishna or Guruvayoorappan, the presiding Deity of Guruvayur. Kunjunni Raja; University of Madras ; pages to Bhattathiri composed many other devotional hymns, as well as a work on Purva-Mimamsa entitled Manameyodayaand panegyrics in praise of his royal patrons.

Retrieved from ” https: This article needs additional citations for verification. It was composed by Ayyappan Kariyat, an Ayurveda vaidya. Bhattathiri however understood what Ezhuthachan really meant – that he would be cured if he could compose a hymn glorifying the incarnations of Lord Krishna beginning with the fish incarnation, known as Matsya.

If yes, you might want to learn two very important rules that you will need to follow in order for you to be able to make the right choices.


narayaneeyam slokas

Both as a poem and as a devotional hymn, Narayaneeyam occupies a very high place in Sanskrit literature. This particular Shloka, which is the 13th one from Dashakam 8 is a supplication to the Supreme Being for relief from illness.


He used to tell me a lot about great men and women of the past. Dec 24, It is said that he would recite one dasakamconsisting of ten verses, every day. What is most important sloks to have absolute faith along with offering complete Sharanaagati before the Supreme Bhagavan Krishna.

May you and your loved ones be blessed with excellent health. Blog by Rajan K. It was he who taught me to live like a courageous and principled man.

It is said that the work has the narayaneeya, of Lord Narsyaneeyam or Guruvayoorappan, the presiding Deity of Guruvayur. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Narayaneeya Sapthaham the recitation of Narayaneeyam and explaining the meaning to the public is conducted in Guruvayur temple by Devaswom on the Narayaneeya Dinam and by others as offerings. One important attitude that saved my life in my worst accidents was that of fearlessness that he instilled in me since the age of two or three.

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Once, when Bhattathiri, unable to move, was carried into the Guruvayur temple, he met Tunchath Ezhuthachan, an eminentMalayalam poet of the time.

Narayaneeyam 8/13 Mantra to cure serious disease – TVM Mantras

The local legend says that on the hundredth day he had a vision of the Lord, and rendered a graphic description of this form, after which he was immediately cured of narayaneeeyam disease. Fifty motivational beautiful memorable pics from twitter Pt 2. According to the legend, Lord Krishna granted Bhattathiri his wish, and he soon became crippled.


Narayaneeyam is the masterpiece of Melputhur and is the most widely read of all his works. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

narayaneeyam slokas

Ezhuthachan advised Bhattathiri that he could be cured if he “began his treatment with fish”. Do not bring nervous break down by our negative words ; Beware of our thoughts.

Sriman Narayaneeyam Mula sloka lyrics and audio – saranaagathi-margam

To find out more, including how to control cookies, narahaneeyam here: Discourses and debates on Narayaneeyam written by Melpathur take place.

Narayaneeya Sapthaham has started in Guruvayur in the early 50’s. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Disease and curse happens for good reason.