I wish all the parts relating to him were canon, because it’s been some pretty good stuff. What a piece of nonsensical trash. If the anime catches up with the source material the manga then the anime won’t have anything to base their story material on. The episodes for the sixteenth season of the anime series Naruto: Uploading said work as an image and leaving the link in the comment thread is the incorrect method. I am overall disappointed with the arc thus far, they could have really made something great, but keep reaching for the low hanging fruit. It started doing that a while ago and it is really annoying.

naruto shippuden episode 352 batuahku

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||Naruto Shippuden Episode 352 Subtitle Indonesia

I don’t know, but the way they portrayed that sequence, removing the questioning and motive, the outcome made it feel like Kakashi’s fault, when it was Hiruzen being too soft on his student. Want to epixode to the discussion?

No NSFW Content This includes obvious fetish posts, sexually suggestive or provocative cosplays, actual nudity or hentai and so on. Overall, I thought the episode was rather slow.

Naruto Shippuden Episode 352 Subtitle Bahasa Indonesia

Retrieved from ” https: Shippuden season 16 Season 16 Cover. Yeah this filler started out promising Yet a snake with a ‘tag’ on it mortally wounded him Later, Kakashi is told that his time as an Anbu operative is over and that he will become a mentor.


Still plagued by his nightmares of Rin’s death, Kakashi becomes curious on Kinoe’s ability to use the Wood Style and infiltrates the archives office where he reads of Hashirama Senju before finding a top secret note.

Dutifully taking the mission, Kakashi goes to Rin’s grave to tell her of the new development.

Meanwhile, after Team Guy is established, Guy is worried when he hears Lee, Neji, and Tenten talk about Kakashi having recently failing a trio of brothers.

I gotta say, these fillers haven’t been that great so far. These smoke people and the back story is just such a nafuto of uninteresting time! All the while, a menacing creature looms over the two young men from within one of the giant cylinders. That, and he never shut up about “a place to go home to” or whatever the fuck he was saying. What’s with them telling us a little bit about some cool origin stories and the forgetting it and moving to a new character. Next episode looks like it may have some promising fights.

It’s Episoed and that’s stuff totally fine there: I didn’t even want to know who it was that badly until they ended the episode.

naruto shippuden episode 352 batuahku

While Kakashi is not fond of this decision, he learns from Itachi that batuahhku clan is already aware that they are under suspicion. After being relieved from his Anbu duties, Hiruzen still seeing him having “darkness” on his heart, Kakashi is reassigned to be an instructor to genin shinobi. I read about that, I think that’s a first in this series’s history that we get such a long break from filler. Chibi Sasuke’s Sharingan Legend. Huh, not what i was expecting.


I swear I saw Ishida minus the glasses amongst the smoke clan. Is there a fuckig way to disable your app store from opening batuqhku watching these streams on mobile?

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Sasuke just used pain to over ride the petrification. Kakashi joining Danzo after Minatos death. The treaty is brought before Onoki and his council who discuss the future now that the war is over. I thought it was going to be Kakashi being a badass as an ANBU, not him having trouble finding himself or whatever and standing in front of a sink for 15 seconds.

Also, where the hell is Itachi? At the dumpling house, with Hiruzen suddenly joining them, Guy talks to Asuma and Kurenai about Kakashi’s methods before attempting to talk to his friend. They said its all cannon after this but ik thats bull. Saucenao or Google Images.

naruto shippuden episode 352 batuahku

Sure get direct hits by Itachi, Naruto 4 tail, burnt by 3rd Hokage ect ect.