Replace deprecated dbus-glib code with GDBus Fixed a path name bug that added an extra dot to the extension when looking for IPS files, preventing the correct file from loading Version 1. Added key repeats for quickly scrolling menus on input devices that lacked them analog joysticks, or any device connected via the in-app Bluetooth system Added animation when the screen area changes like when hiding the status bar to avoid the video “jumping” between different parts of the screen Added ability to bundle a game in the application package for certain systems allows for quicker testing on a stock device. Added initial gun support for the Menacer and Justifier MD: Adjusted sound pitch and interpolation enabled SNES: Auto-rotate to upside down landscape mode on the Touchpad Version 1. Fixed a startup crash with Android 4.

neo.emu 1.4.17

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NeoDroid Android Neo Geo Emulator

Fixed volume key and key repeat handling in the Android 2. Various input device detection fixes: Support sustained performance mode on Android 7. Lower values decrease sound lag but increase chance of audio skipping.

Fixed some issues in the multiple HID gamepad support added in 1.4.71. Render audio with bit samples for an improved volume range NEO: Re-wrote event and input neo.emk code using Android 2. Worked-around Nvidia Shield Android 5. Fixed a crash opening the Input options WebOS: Updated core to Stella 3.


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Add option for TV phosphor simulation blend amount C Save state bug fixes, all previous states should be discarded due to format changes GBC: Fixed crashes on some devices like the LG G4 on Android 6. Prevent unknown keycodes sent by the OS from performing unwanted actions like opening the menu Android: Fixed wrong 68K cycle count in Cyclone code causing startup issues on certain games intro neo.enu in Blazing Star, hung intro Matrimelee when Emulate Timer is off Version 1.

Fixed a buffer overflow in the audio back-end that could crash the app on some devices. neo.em

neo.emu 1.4.17

Fixed incorrect screen layout on Android 4. Don’t show Vibration option if the device doesn’t support it Android: Fixed startup crash on some Adreno GPUs by initializing OpenGL surface directly to the requested color mode, instead of reinitializing it multiple times Android: Added option to select one of four audio re-samplers to trade-off speed vs.

Only enable if you’re getting lock-ups or other strange behavior.


Allow setting neo.emuu buffer size option to 2 frames, useful for reducing latency on Android devices that have extra buffering in the OS or audio drivers.

You’ll be prompted to install them if the app runs without an existing MSX. Updated core to VICE 2.

Fixed SMS input broken in 1. Store various volatile memory files in save path instead of machine path Version 1. Fixed text entry for cheats on Android 2.

neo.emu 1.4.17

Fixed missing iCade support in some builds GBA: Added a key mapping to swap joystick ports C Toggle for warp mode C Various input detection tweaks including: Fix opening zip files containing other eno.emu stored before the rom MD: Fixed a bug preventing iCade mode from working if enabled at app startup Android: More accurate audio speed GBA: Properly pause game if active behind another window such as a lock-screen Android: