We had to remove the agent via appwiz and the manually remove the local database, and then reinstall the agent. The paths might not be correct so double check them. Sometimes clearing these keys and values will fix Actions not applying. Hi Carl, Great article, thanks! If you have a PolicyDefinitions folder here, then paste the. For status details, check the file C: Wilco October 1, at 4:

norskale vuem

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In the right pane, initially the bottom half is empty.

Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply. I use the stream wizard to build new machines or servers. Norskale founder Pierre Marmignon. Has anyone tried making a silent install?

Double-click a category to see more info. Is that simply meaduring login time to the server and not app launch time? However, for many organizations the Norskale functionality is good enough. In the past, specific products built by specific vendors divided into two versions: The UPM service is doing all of the work, nroskale matter how you configure it.


norskale vuem

On the Main Configuration tab, one option you might want to enable cuem Launch Agent for admins. It actually happened while on a support call with Citrix.

The real reason Citrix bought Norskale

Products focusing purely on profile management have been acquired by other companies or just disappeared. You should probably have a new Configuration Set just for Kiosk devices.

norskale vuem

Look for older versions of the. I restored the DB to the 3. Am I missing a setting somewhere?

WEM Agent: “An error occurred while building your environment. Agent processing will now stop.”

All components must be uninstalled completely, reboot the system, and then install the new version. New administrators are initially disabled. Error while retrieving user directory services groups list check log for more details some sids may not have been translated properly. Having all components from one vendor makes it easier for support as you only have to contact one company. On the Licensing tab, you can enter a Citrix License Server For status details, check the file C: Create an Action Group and name it.


Have you load the updated ADM Template?

The real reason Citrix bought Norskale

If so I havent found a way to do that. The Agent Log file will be written to the User Profile i. Thanks, Loopback was activated. On the right, you can prioritize process IO. You should uninstall the agent and reinstall version 4. Although it is not clear how the product will be embedded, I expect that it can be integrated well and will definitely offer added-value for many Citrix customers.

To optimize performance, WEM only applies an action once. On the bottom, move Actions from the Available box to the Configured box. At this point, the DB can be upgraded and brokers and clients will work accordingly. It runs with 4.