I can see that you also indicates that I am a traitor. If you’d rather be fixated on my opinion of the products out there and ignore my unbias assistance of screen design help, so be it. If you aren’t a parasite, explain your ad practices on WSGF? Likewise with Ivar and Warpalizer. I’m sure people will be able to see the forest through the trees with the last several posts. You asked for it, you waited for it, now you’ve got it! I let my statements stand on their own merit and back them up with reference as I let your statements stand on theirs.

nthusim 3.0

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If you cant handle competition, then go build Lego or something. Your user page – now packed with useful information about the latest downloads and posts and messages.

NTHUSIM Download –

What I possibly learned here is that you do not have to always get the most sophisticated or the least expensive solution to get happy. At the time, home flight simulators would nthusm a projector on a wall.

Downloads The Plus edition supports multiple projectors. GIRO marks 40 years of software innovation.

Nthusim software

Sharpness is effected, but also this helps lesson projector screen-door effect and projector overlap visibility. If you dont like competition, North korea would be a good place for you.


I own your products. There is now a minimize button, just to make it easier. Talk about pissing in the pool You guys know better.

It is a spandex stretch cloth material.

I’m a realist when it comes to all this nonsense. Wasim software is a proven tool for hydrodynamic analysis of fixed and floating vessels with or without forward speed, including calculation of global motions and local pressure loading on the vessel.

NTHUSIM Plus Download

Compared to 10 mins trialfunction in other software, it is a real deal. BTW, care to address Warpalizer posting referral codes in my YouTube videos all through and your boss contacting me via YouTube messaging about how I should also be pimping Warpalizer too? We took over the House of Blues from 4pm-1am on January 4th, for this event. I’ve been around here since the beginning. I’m definitely not happy at all about the divisive nature of how things have fractured though.

Bhawthorne I cant see that you have the right to speak for me and my intentions.

You cheaped out then trash talk those that you should be thanking. The software has blending and warping capability at v3. And I dont really care about the facts you are talking about. This is a business, not some kind of I mean this or I mean that playground.


AMD CES 2011 HoB Vegas

Over 20 years of providing simple, easy to use software solutions for small businesses. Those still using Nthusim can request license re- activations as per usual when needed. I’m not on Immersaview’s payroll.

nthusim 3.0

If you are an unpaid groupie, I dont see why you are complaining. Ivar’s Warpalizer is a good alternative as it adds warping, edge blending and colour correction all for a lower price. The activation button is gone – click on the user name below the community button to launch the activation.

The grid resolution applies equally across the projectors. Upon being installed, the software adds a Windows Service which is designed to run continuously in the background. It makes me sad when I think about those that have the knowledge to grow adoption of this kind of tech are all in competition with each other and have no interest in collaboration.

nthusim 3.0

Virtual Reality was then still a pipe dream. As I am not employed in any way by Immersaview it is not my place to speak for them.