Originally Posted by neemdraa. Many of the intended features for the UI have not yet made it into Omen 2. It can’t hurt to submit suggestions to the author, but many of the old features that we’ve grown to love simply haven’t been implemented yet, though the intent is there. This is helpful so that you do not pull Agro and die a horrible face melting death. Allows for additional Sounds and Visual displays when you have a Fish on your line.

omen 2 wow 2.4.3

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Issues with Omen?

If you don’t like the sound that comes with the threat warning, you can turn that off. Everyone that has downloaded Omen 2 has noticed that there are some Posted October 21, You can either do so over at WoWAce, or leave them right here for me at WoW Insider in a comment to this post, and they’ll be passed along. PowaAuras – Allows for creation of dynamic textures and timers that show when certain events occur.

Almost every UI Window can be unlocked and moved with this Addon. I gave a preview of Omen 2 awhile back before patch 2. One-Click Loot all messages.


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Can anyone upload the WoW-Costum-Exe can’t find them in google where they unlocked for every server. Posted June 24, Color code message types for easy reading. Aloft – Allows 24.3 configuration of player name-plates, seems to be the only addon of its kind for TBC. Sign in Already have an account?

So here it is. Decursive Adds a little set of buttons that glow when Party or Raid members are Debuffed.

Keivan uploaded his own link which overwrote mine which wkw the link on the front page http: Bagnon – A configurable one-bag addon.

Especially useful when you run out of bag space Questing or Farming and want to delete the least valuable items. Prev 1 2 Next Page 1 of 2.

Actually this site looks VERY conspirancy Needless to say, there have been a lot of bug fixes wkw through since then. Although many Addons updated for 2. Switch Lite added to class action lawsuit over controller drift.

This pack contains all 3 and it is safe to install all of them even if some are not used.


omen 2 wow 2.4.3

Cast a Heal on Raid member without changing your Target by Mousing over their Portrait and using the key combination you previously set. Originally Posted by neemdraa. It has become almost necessary in the WoW community, and when it isn’t working right, it really has an effect.

omen 2 wow 2.4.3

Really only powerful once more people start using it. This works for all classes however. Posted January 4, pmen Posted July 5, Originally Posted by Nilfora.

omen 2 wow 2.4.3

Equip Compare Provides automated side by side comparison pop ups for gear when you hover your mouse over it. When clicked, it automatically sells all White and Gray items except Reagents from your Inventory. Link is in the main post and on the front page of the website! Is platebuffs working for this expansion?