Here the language of the application is defined. Services like OpenBravo give you a way to capitalise on mobile technology and reactive software design to provide excellent custom service, whatever your business might be. Using Embedded mode makes the database single concurrent user. Microsoft Word Microsoft’s latest and greatest, with huge compatibility improvements. You can install Java from Sun’s website. Netbeans has a localization tool that makes it easier to localize Openbravo POS.

openbravo pos 2.30 deutsch

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Openbravo POS is released under an open source license, with no hidden costs or ties to a particular vendor. Openbravo POS is distributed with the embedded library of Apache Derby so if you plan to use Apache Derby in embedded mode you do not need to download or install anything.

For example to localize Openbravo POS to Spanish, the language code is es and the files will be called as:. Update all external libraries to latest version. Do you want to add deutsh To install these language packages the user only needs to copy the content of the package to the Openbravo POS folder and configure Openbravo POS to use the desired language. If the language and country you want to use does not appear in the locales available but there exists a translation for that language you will have to edit manually the configuration file openbravopos.

Thanks to the fact that it can be integrated with Openbravo ERP, Openbravo POS is the only solution that guarantees a smooth flow of information from the retail floor to the back office without any additional development. Don’t leave without your download!


Openbravo POS Free Download

Windows, Ubuntu and Suse. Because it was built with touch screens in mind, Openbravo POS is designed with particular focus on ease of use. Please be aware that once you restart Openbravo POS, it will tell you that your database is empty and will offer you to create tables for your new database.

After the database server is installed and running you have to create an empty database for Openbravo POS and a database user with privileges to connect to this database. If you want to use another language from the ones supported by Openbravo Openbravoo you reutsch need to download and install the accurate language package.

There are more robust and more complete systems out there, but they come with a larger pricetag. If Default is selected then the defined pattern for the selected locale is chosen.

The open source nature means that if you spend time working on it, it’s a flexible and adaptable tool. Contents 1 Software installation 1.

Once Openbravo POS is installed you should openbdavo whether you want to run Openbravo POS on the built-in engine or on any of the other database engines supported.

openbravo pos 2.30 deutsch

Openbravo POS is easy to configure and can adapt to businesses of any size, making it the ideal solution for businesses requiring either a standalone POS station, multiple POS stations in a single location or multiple locations POS stations. Localization packages are very simple to install, just uncompress the localization package in the same folder Openbravo POS is installed and restart the application.

Openbravo POS Japanese Information – OSDN

Openbravo POS localization configuration. Open the Apple Terminal located at: This page has been accessedtimes. The files with the translated messages are plain text files that can be edited with the translator’s preferred edit tool. More fields has been added to the customers table: Should you get OpenBravo That entirely depends on your business, the amount of turnover you have, the kind of customer interaction you experience and what you want to pis for the future.


OpenBravo is based on cloud technology which can be a big plus or oprnbravo big minus for businesses as well, depending on how you view the security of cloud technologies.

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Softonic review The world of retail is changing and with technology constantly surging ahead, it’s a good time to bring some of those advancement to your business. Openbravo Openbrav can be seamlessly integrated with Openbravo ERP and includes many robust capabilities including sales, refunds, daily reports, cash management, warehouse management, and multiple reporting methods that will help to:.

There is a description of all the files available for download in the Openbravo POS 2.

openbravo pos 2.30 deutsch

Execute the file start. Adding a new locale. Where intrepid is the Ubuntu version you have installed. The first option defines the locale of the application. An example of a database configuration using Apache Derby as database engine in embedded mode is:.

openbravo pos 2.30 deutsch