You can download pre-fabricated “vector” maps in OsmAnd’s native format. Elevation data is not yet used for routing but may be considered when using an external routing engine such as BRouter. Please note that the Map language sets the language of the names on the map. Let’s take a glance at the main ones. Pick the one you need and proceed to the application. Subsequent use does not require an Internet connection, which allows unlimited usage without incurring potentially costly data transfer charges.

osmand vector map

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You can download pre-fabricated “vector” maps in OsmAnd’s native format. Continued use of GPS running in vwctor background can dramatically decrease battery life. If you purchase a subscription during a free trial period, the unused portion of this period will be forfeited. People add new items to the map, refine the details and delete the points of interest POI that are no longer there.

osmand vector map

OsmAnd uses its own tile render generation routines, generally defined in the OsmAnd-resources GitHub project. Vector tiles Paul Norman has just announced new vector style called Bolder: Just osmaand to the map by tapping Back.

Elevation data is not yet used for routing but may be considered when using an external routing engine such as BRouter.

First, you will need to register with OSM. The application provides offline vector and online tile maps based on data from OpenStreetMap project. To set app language, please go to Settings – General – Display language.


Account will be charged for subscription renewal at the price of the chosen package within hours before the current period ends. You vecctor add an over- and underlay to the basic map style you’re viewing.

You can also choose the day or night map mode, select the map magnifier parameters to view details more comfortably, choose text size and map language.

Everyone can contribute to the application by reporting bugs, improving translations, or coding new features. Approximate map coverage and quality: All map data can be stored on your device’s memory card for offline use. OsmAnd – Other languages. This version contains the most used functionality of Android version together with significantly improved user interface, which we believe is a good combination.

This is all documented in the original routing. GPS tracks are supported in the view mode: This affects all distance and speed information widgets and announcements. Make it much easier for the next person with the same issue to get to the solution.

How to use the map

The software is well refined, reliable, globally deployed, and runs on many Android and iOS based smartphones, tablets, and a wide array of Linux-based systems. It allowed to keep the point on the map and give it a name, so that it’s easy to find it afterwards. It is also possible to fund maap new features, or to make a general donation on osmand.


To switch the mode, please go to Configure map – Map mode. We’ll keep you updated. For more Nap versions and other projects, see OsmAnd’s official downloads page.

OsmAnd – Offline Mobile Maps and Navigation

There are multiple software solutions and problems for serving and rendering vector tiles – there’s a nice overview made by Paul Norman:. Drive Mode OsmAnd does not contain navigation yet, but it has some features which will help people driving the car to reach the destination: This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices.

Vector tiles are something that is still not in the mainstream, but they are more flexible than raster tiles:.

Thus, the updates will provide the freshest information available.

osmand vector map

Also, you have to download a World basemap. Just explore the list to find the ones you prefer. To switch vectot one of these styles, just go to Configure map — Map style.