Do not refrigerate while germinating! Also, do not use bleach on your pepper seeds and never refrigerate your seeds while trying to get them to germinate! Also, we do not recommend soil heating cables , because you have to put them into sand beds, and can’t just put them directly underneath pots. And once transplanted into their own individual pot, start watering with an organic fertilizer, like Alaska brand liquid Fish fertilizer. Paper Lantern 11 11 47 Habanero Mustard 11 11 15 Hab. Green, unripe fruit is generally produced in days after setting plants out into the garden, and red-ripe fruit is days.

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Then use one cotton ball per variety, and using tweezers, place seeds on each cotton ball, and space seeds evenly apart. To hand pollinate, take a moistened water-color paint brush, and pick up some pollen on your brush and transfer it to the other flower centers.

For a few hours each peppefseed, take the cover off the container in the afternoon to let air in. Take a fork and carefully dig out each plant and separate them, and plant them into their own individual 3 inch diameter or 4 inch diameter pot, where you have mixed a few tablespoons of bone meal and blood meal into the potting soil beforehand.

If a substantial amount of the seeds are still mixed with the blended pulp, then dump the pulp into a five gallon bucket, a total of only Or you can purchase some ” indicator silica gel”and put that in with your seeds to absorb any moisture. If your soil mix has problems, or your soil temps.


Green, jan fruit is generally produced in days after setting plants out into the garden, and red-ripe fruit is days. Always wear rubber glovesif you are working with hot peppers! The good seeds should be all at the bottom of the bucket. Sweet peppers are usually dwarf, so can be packing in at about 1. If they wilt during the day, keep a fine mist on them during the day, until they stop wilting.

Pepperseed Jam

The oven set at deg. The Uline strip changes color to indicate the moisture level in your seeds. Jars or plastic bags are great for storing pepper seeds in the refrigerator, but you need to put at least a slip of newspaper in with the seeds, as a moisture indicator. If you are saving for the hotter and hotter fruitsyou need to take a sample fruit from each plant and assay them for their heat levels, and do the Dremann Hotness Scale test in your kitchen.

Time to cracker-dry was 8.

Severe need for bonemeal, needed by pepper plants. Most hot peppers and some sweet peppers require insect pollination to form fruit.

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To water without disturbing the seedlingswith the holes punched in the bottom of the container, you can water or rewater by letting the container sit in a bowl of water and soak up the water through the bottom holes.

Bulk indicator silica gel is sold at crafts shops, to dry flowers, called Flower Drying Crystals. Craig and Sue Dremann You can dry peppers to leather-dry fruit still bendableor “cracker-dry” breaks into flakes when bent.

In an unheated building or outside shed, garage etc. Yellow 11 15 20 Sudanese 15 20 28 Sw. Most peppers will only keep their viability at room temperature for years.


This will help control “damping off” fungus, which is a disease which attacks the seedlings and makes them topple over.

Always use fully ripe peppers for drying, as green peppers or immature peppers do not dry well. We usually feed our plants every 3 weeks during the growing season until they start to flower. The fish fertilizer can be fed frequently, and never burns. By refrigerating your pepper seedsyou can keep them viable for at least five years, and maybe ten years or longer. Check pepoerseed gel periodically, and is will change from dark blue to pink when it has absorbed moisture.

Peppreseed some large cotton balls from the cosmetics department of the drug store or grocery store. For larger quantities of seeds, like pounds, pour seeds from the bucket into the strainer and let drain for minutes, then pour into a box top lined with at least four, and from sheets of newspaper with a couple of layers of paper towel jqm top, and put in the sun to dry. Continue to keep adding water and pouring off the pulp until you get clean seeds. That helps keep the damping off fungus spores from developing and eating your seedling for breakfast.