Taskbar band now has a browser-style “Go” button. History in Powershell now clears line correctly Many other minor fixes. This is a great tool for admins, power users and maybe even novices just wanting to learn and have a helping hand when venturing into the command line. Particularly the new path completion features – good job! PromptPal has been tested by Download Fix to drag and drop problem under Vista Whitespace no longer stripped from command line better for Python interpreter, for example FTP now set to launch in external console Existing licensed users will need an updated license code – it’s free, just follow the instructions within PromptPal itself. The utility is highly customizable and offers multiple features, such as command completion, syntax help, Windows-style editing, command history, and much more.


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Changes to increase compatibility with various security software, and with hardware DEP on Vista.

Technology Lighthouse see all products from this developer. PromptPal now has its own version of the popular Tail command. Imagine, still, having all of your command history available to you, always, even if you close a console session. PromptPal has been tested by Download Today’s discount software promotion offers the perfect balance between the power of the command prompt and the functionality of Windows programs – it’s all possible with PromptPal!


Please note below the major changes present in version 3: Your discount coupon code will be applied to your purchase when you click the ‘Buy Now’ button.


Customise features to suit the way you like to work. Quick and Easy Install – Clean Uninstall. Open multiple command consoles as tabs to reduce screen clutter and make it easier to flip between sessions.

PromptPal – Other Utilities Software – 25% off Discount for PC

Greatly improved resilience against bad shell starts, screen sizes etc. See Preferences page in Configuration screen. History not being collected in some cases. I use it every day. Added option to select whether the path auto-complete should seek out folders only, files only, both or none. Mitch K “I have been a happy registered user of PromptPal for over a year. Improved compatibility with non-English systems that frequently use special characters e. Focus and text selection improved for the band New context commands for the band: Added the ability to choose your own keyboard shortcuts for commonly used menu commands Added “Select all pane text” command Optionally, use of Scroll-Lock key now prevents automatic scrolling as new output arrives.

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Tabbed Command Console For Windows

Screenshots Website Virus Scan Languages. PromptPal comes with a tabbed interface which enables you to open several command consoles as distinct tabs in order to minimize the screen clutter and switch between sessions in a faster and easier way.


Popup lists now try to avoid screen area consumed by taskbar and app bars. Prevented appearance of auxiliary windows in Win 7 Fix: Crash if tab creation as different user fails. Review what others have to say Tabbed Command Console For Windows Supports Windows Command, Powershell, Bash and more bit and bit consoles together in the same app Persistent command line histories and favorites Run tab as administrator or as a different user Stay-on-top, printing, save text to file Command completion and syntax help.

Create named command line and favorite history lists and assign them to your tabs however you wish.


The power of the command line combined with Windows ease of use PromptPal is a replacement for the Command Prompt, PowerShell and similar Microsoft Windows command consoles.

Keep your command history even when you close a console propmtpal. This is so badly needed by anyone using the CMD prompt.

PromptPal Release History

Improvements when handling extremely heavy output from a command. This is so badly needed by anyone using the CMD prompt. PromptPal is licensed per computerand not per user.