List the appraisers recommended by senior management. Levered Beta – beta value reflecting the debt in capital structure. Be the first to review this item. It is situated at m above sea level, has a population of 3, estimate and occupies an area of Efficient Use – that which is recommendable and technically possible for the location on a reference date, among the various uses permitted by the applicable law, observing surrounding marketing trends. Date of Issue – closing date of the valuation report, when conclusions are conveyed to the client.

querencia e cidade teixeirinha

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Describe the qualifications of the recommended appraisers.

This asset is identifiable when: Re Cost of Equity – return required by shareholders for the capital invested. Cash and Cash Equivalents.


April 23, Length: Reproduction Cost – expense required for the exact duplication of a property, regardless of any depreciation. The Company elaborates technical studies teixeiirnha contemplate the capability of generating future results, according to the Administration expectations, considering the continuity of the companies. Financial assets available for sale are non-derivative financial assets, which are either designed as available for sale or are not classified as a loans and accounts receivable b investments held until their expiration date or c fair value financial assets.

querencia e cidade teixeirinha

Real Estate – property, consisting of land and any improvements incorporated thereto. The team in charge of preparing this report consists of the following professionals:.

Querência e cidade

These adjustments, dutifully analyzed, are added to the book value of the net equity. The applications held until expiration are measured by the acquisition cost incremented by the earned yields, reduced by the provision for adjustment to probable execution value, when applicable, with their effects recognized in the final result. In the case of business valuation, this value can be analyzed by different situations, teixeirinhs as the synergy with other companies of an investor, risk perceptions, future performance and tax planning.


The growth in obligations over time is also treated as a financial expense. Real – BRL Spoken languages: The numbered, calculated and personalized report adheres rigidly to the fundamental principles querecia below:.

querencia e cidade teixeirinha

Appraisal for Financial Statements Fair Value. Bruno Genehr Downhill Trilha do Cruzeiro. Enterprise Value – economic value of the company. Perpetual Value – value at the end of the projective period to be added on the cash flow. For projection purposes, we start querenica the premise of the inexistence of liens or encumbrances of any nature, whether judicial or extrajudicial, affecting the companies in question, other than those listed in this report.

Useful Area – real private area subtracted from the area occupied by walls and other building blocks that prevent or hinder its use. Market Research – set of activities for identification, investigation, collection, selection, processing, analysis and interpretation of results on market data.

Financial Lease – that which substantially transfers all the risks and benefits related cdiade the ownership of the asset, which may or may not eventually be transferred. Basic Infrastructure – urban rainwater drainage equipment, street lighting, sewage system, drinking water, public and home electricity ciddade and access routes.


Cash Flow on Invested Capital – cash flow generated by the company to be reverted to lenders interest and amortizations and shareholders dividends yeixeirinha consideration of cost and operating expenses and capital investments.

The incurred transaction costs are measured by the amortization costs and recognized as liabilities, teiexirinha the balance of the loans and financings, being summed into the results through the duration of the contracts.

Facilities – set of materials, systems, networks, equipment and operational support services for a single machine, production line or plant, according to the degree of aggregation. Assets related to the Pension Funds.

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Private Area – useful area plus building blocks such as walls, pillars, etc. You can find more information about our services and cases at apsis. The amortization is considered in a linear basis according to the estimated useful life of the assets. May 20, Length: Please try again later.

It’s known in alla Brazil as Strawberry Land. The book value of the intangibles was kept as the best estimate of appraisal, with the exception of the goodwill, whose values have been written off given that they are related to future income expectations.