No one ever seems to compute the cost of offending so many customers in order to slow down one crook. If we had tried to wash all the windows, our failure rate would have been much higher, and it would have taken us much longer to improve. The computerized list had been a real help. That was the way to go. Mission statements, annual reports, posters on the wall, seminars, and even television programs all proclaim the supremacy of customers. Having considered this, the Area Manager turned back to Charlie and Andrew with new confidence.

raving fans ken blanchard pdf

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He had also discovered some unhappy customers whose expectations were so far outside his window that he knew he could never satisfy their needs.

But he was surprised to find as that Bill the manager of a huge plant for a large national company, admitted so readily to having a Fairy Godmother. Login to comment on this Glog.

Raving Fans – PDF Free Download

The shock of losing Charlie was worse than the shock of finding him. He was starting to understand what his customers were thinking and he was beginning to filter this information into his own vision of perfection.

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The rule of one percent reminds me that all I have to do is to improve by one percent. But no such luck. Larry Hughes, of Morrow, whose patience, nurturing, and skill with the English language are legendary in the publishing industry and much appreciated by the authors.

He also knew that he had to create Raving Fans. How do I do that? He continued to stare out the window and think about all he had learned. The washrooms are on the second floor.

Be sure to get it checked the next time. They are not part of her vision.

raving fans ken blanchard pdf

I feel like a member of fand family. They initially 49 seemed impossible, but I did them by using The Rule of One Percent from the third secret. The Area Manager decided if Charlie could help him with customer service anything like he seemed to help with golf, that was great. Some would almost glare until the window was well cleaned.

Raving Fans

I used to work in another department store. Promise more only up to the point you can deliver consistently and then deliver more using The Rule of One Ravinng.

I bet they started that five years ago. It comes together bit by bit. My uncle made garden hoses. I see great things in your future, my friend.


Choirs sang, I delivered the address, and certificates were awarded. And he knows he needs help. Bill hunts out and listens to every customer from the loading dock to the president, and Sally shines their shoes and shows them how to save money and eat a healthy diet.

raving fans ken blanchard pdf

For example, they promise me a choice for dinner. I saw carpet on the floor and automatic checkout stands. It took some time, but I worked it all out. The Area Manager wondered if constant vigilance by the boss accounted for the excellent service.

$PDF Raving Fans Ken Blanchard A Revolutionary Approach To Customer Service

The Area Manager asked Linda for a copy of the book. He also knew there was no sense wondering about the second secret or of where they were going until Charlie was ready to tell him. Next, he knew, he had to create a vision perfection centered on when the customer used the product.

raving fans ken blanchard pdf

What about the engineering department that always wants to make changes in the product?