I click on the extact all files button,and the so called “ectractor wizard” or somthing comes up in yet another little window. The one Vodhin posted above works fine. Over 50 custom scenery pack’s on these sites. Posted January 6, You have to zoom in really really close to be able to see and delete them. I finally have something to make queue line and park path lights with!

rct3 drp ambience

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I downloaded it, and extracted it to Themed There is no way to fix this. I would like to download this set but can’t as the other two links no longer work. I got this idea from weasel its just an expirement http: One idea I got while chacking these out.

Look what I did with your new set!

Now, however, I have made a brand new, entirely different set to remedy this. And now it is fixed.

rct3 drp ambience

I would, but I’m pretty sure the creator of the set DRP would have to give me permission, I don’t want anyone getting mad at me. Could some put this in a zip form please. Quality set, great job! You extract it to: I click on the download button, then a little window comes up that says “do you want to open or save this file?


The reason it is so hard to delete the lightz is because they are too small to see at normal draw distances.

DRP’s Ambience: A new generation of Lightz! [Archive] – Atari Forums

Is there anybody else who is having trouble wit this. All of the colors from the original lightz are back as well as one new color, the gold light. The purpose of this set is to eliminate that problem. No on e could really help me wit this before, so We will have to wait and see.

I click the save button, then another window comes up that has the drp ambiance in it.

These lights are large enough to see and delete at normal draw distance. Hoever would help me I would appreciate it!: Posted January 1, edited.

Tokyo Disneyland’s Brand New Dream Fireworks in RCT3

Trying to find RCT3 custom scenery! This should work- the IP version of my site is now off-limits.


However, I’m going to keep the Lightz too since I like to place them higher in the air to light up buildings. Hold the shift key down and raise the point where the light is coming from? You need to go to Vodhin’s site for the download. I just noticed something wicked: I love this set! This is really weird.

rct3 drp ambience

Well, you might think so, but no. Started by Gold CoasterDecember 31, I was just wandering where you save this to. Contact me on MSN and I should be able to help with some of those. Where shold I extract it to?