Sometimes small changes in your code, such as adding braces around the arguments to the expr command, can make a noticeable difference in performance. Used media resources can be See the online release notes for specific operating system versions supported. The Linux distribution is for the Intel platform and the glibc2 C library. How to get TclPro:

tclpro checker

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tclpro checker

TclPro Wrapper creates a single executable file containing everything needed to run a Tcl application. Here are keys for different versions. The Linux distribution is for the Intel platform and the glibc2 C library.

Tclpro checker download

Also available as part of ActiveTcl Pro Studio. The TclPro debugger tclprro strictly a debugger – it does not contain the ability to edit code and then continue on. It has simple commands for 3D, networking, joysticks and media playback.

TclPro Checker tells you when it finds situations like this. This is the main Tcl Developer Xchange site, www. Upgrade to Tcl 8.

tclpro checker

TclPro only supports up to Tcl 8. Find errors faster and upgrade more easily! Enhanced interpreters The protclsh and prowish Tcl interpreters include checkeer support for all bundled extensions and the Tcl bytecode files produced by TclPro Compiler. The term ‘TclPro’ is trademarked. See notes on building TclPro. TclPro Checker Our static code analyzer helps you find syntax errors and other common usage errors quickly, without having to run your program. Category Application Category Debugging.


New releases of Tcl and Tk have occasionally introduced incompatibilities that require older scripts to be modified. Here are some of the kinds of errors that TclPro Checker detects: For example, if an argument is supplied from a variable’s value, then TclPro Checker cannot verify the value of that argument.

Instead, one uses a favorite editor, and then start the app over again. Fedora users can install Tclpro with the command ‘yum install tclpro’. For more information please go to the Year page. Windows 95, 98, NT 4. It, along checksr frinkprovide two tools for analyzing Tcl code and predicting possible problem code.

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Nonetheless, TclPro Checker allows you to find many errors more quickly and easily than would be possible otherwise. All versions of TclPro, as well as all tools and extensions that ship as part of TclPro are Year compliant. For the FTP impaired, and for the records of all the great news search engines, I’ll include all bytes here. This can vhecker it very difficult to upgrade.


TclPro Checker prints its warnings in a readable fashion that makes it easy to locate the problem code either by hand or with the Emacs editor. TclPro also makes it easy to package and distribute Tcl applications, and it protects source code from copying and alterations. Scan your Tcl scripts to identify a variety of potential problems including syntax errors, misuses of the Tcl and Tk built-in commands, and checoer performance and portability problems.

Cross-reference tool for analyzing Tcl code dependencies.

tclpro checker

The latest version is 1. See the online release notes for specific operating system versions supported. TclPro Key for 10 seats 1. TclPro Checker even helps you to upgrade from older versions of Tcl to the latest releases, by locating potential compatibility problems.