Retrieved 25 May Views Read Edit View history. Archived from the original on We usually imagine our music to have a visual element while we’re writing it, so we were picturing this character losing his mind at the campfire and compressing weeks of events into a few hours, in that time-stretching way that acid fucks with your perception. This page has been archived and is no longer updated. The connection comes through not just in the duo’s obsession with childhood or their frankly goofy song titles, but also in the stereophonic delirium of their production. Topics Music The Observer.

the campfire headphase

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Boards of Canada – The Campfire Headphase. Vinyl LP, CD. Bleep.

headdphase You can add or edit information about The Campfire Headphase at musicbrainz. The duo began recording sketches for the album as early asbut did not work on the project in earnest until Archived from the original on 1 June Close View Full Product.

The music itself offers little more than a tweaking of the duo’s template to date.

Trans Canada Highway The Campfire Headphase Warp “. Occasionally the new hues don’t seem as idiosyncratic as their patented faded Super8-film synth tones, but then again, there’s a thin line between developing your own vocabulary and coining your own set of cliches, and we should probably applaud BoC’s attempt to extend their palette. The Campfire Headphase By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.


It received generally positive reviews from critics, and reached number 41 on the UK albums chart.

Boards of Canada, The Campfire Headphase

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Licence. In stock, shipping now. Dance music album reviews. Topics Music The Observer. Reach a certain age and you notice a peculiar thing: As with its predecessors, Canpfire Campfire Headphase initially sounds almost too easy on the ear. Clips taken from original discs may contain strong language. The track “Dayvan Cowboy” has been featured in a number of commercials and television programmes, including an advertisement on the Arthur Ravenel Jr.

The album was awarded a silver certification from the Independent Music Companies Association which indicated sales of at least 30, copies throughout Europe. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. hadphase

the campfire headphase

Edit cookies preferences Accept Cookies. It’s difficult to see how such disclosure enhances their art and it’s a tribute to the strength of The Campfire Headphase that it survives this puzzlingly banal urge. Boards Of Canada’s best work teases the listener with things that lie just beyond reach.

As you do so, you’ll headlhase into a gentle whirlpool of slowly emerging sonic details. Headphase, or devotees of the Cure and Radiohead wallowing in its exquisitely textured melancholy. Most recently it has been used in an April commercial for the Nissan Altima.

The first ten: 8, Boards of Canada, The Campfire Headphase | Music | The Guardian

Cookies Preferences For information about cookies that are required for this campifre to operate correctly, please read our cookies policy. The album received generally positive reviews, receiving a rating of 79 out of on aggregate website Metacritic. On ‘Oscar See Through Red Eye’ and ‘Slow This Bird’, sounds pan back and forth across the speakers, the drift and swirl making you melt into a voluptuous disorientation. This latter may be a reaction to the relentless puzzle-solving provoked by Geogaddi’s multiple references.


the campfire headphase

It also successfully recaptures the fluid coherence fundamental to the success of their hypnotic appeal, something that its predecessor, Campfirs ultimately failed to do. This site uses cookies.

BBC Review The duo remain extremely adept at creating lacunae at the heart of their music. If the gorgeous mind-ripples of ‘Satellite Anthem’ and the dewy-eyed dreamwalk of “84 Pontiac Dream’ represent classic BoC almost to the point of redundancy, ‘Dayvan Cowboy’ steps off the group’s beaten path.

Somehow the Scottish duo’s signature sounds – those glistening melody trails and misty-around-the-edges textures – trigger buried memories. Previous Play Pause Next.