Reimu does have her moments of legitimate laziness. I’ve played a bit of this game, although not more than a few hours. Sign In Sign Up. This looks interesting, as someone who’s mostly only into Touhou via music and occasional fanvids grand prix there’s a few things that always confuse me. Did she just threaten to kill her? Register a new account. It’s an incident, isn’t it?

the genius of sappheiros english patch

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Dream LogicMay 8, The only assistance you really need can be obtained through using google translate and the japanese wiki, along with the game play videos and commentaries from chefmkt on youtube.

The characters in DoD don’t have any skills of their own aside from their unique Last Words, which are spells that can be triggered sometimes when the character takes or deals damage.

There are no limitations on it whatsoever. Also, Reimu has gone after phenomenon way less conspicuous than this mist. There are tons of areas gebius the game, with lots of different environments based on actual areas from Gensokyo.

Speed, what order your turns enflish in. You can compare it to the elements list to the upper left. Well, the setting kind of falls apart without her. Armor is self explanatory, though there are different armor types that only affect your character’s speed.


Let’s Play Touhou: The Genius of Sappheiros: Weekend | SpaceBattles Forums

LightMageMay 4, You have my hat attention! I see a wonderful opportunity here to update my headcanon. Like the characters, each shikigami can level and increase in their stats.

There is no penalties to dying, but it can be quite a pain to run back to where you left off since all the enemies respawn when your party is wiped out, or when you use a healing point. The Genius of Sappheiros: To the further right from that is the elements tab, with varying symbols used to represent how weak or resistant you are to that particular thing.

And that’s the Great Hakurei Barrier. These skills can be obtained semi-randomly by using physical attacks while fighting enemies. Each enemy type generally has a weakness.

Ya look as free as ever, Reimu. Share this comment Link to comment Share on other sites. I wonder if it’s okay to exterminate you?

the genius of sappheiros english patch

Well, Bombs are another, noticeably harder to refill MP bar used for certain powerful spells, basically. Is Utosho Hell-raven, Sounds-like-the-final-boss just an idiot or is she if not supremely patc at least competent when she focusses?


MakutaMay 8, Did I so something wrong? And, ya know what? Currently playing Visual Novel: Unlocking Byakuren Hijiri early: Do you guys think it worked?

Can’t Find Genius of Sappheiros Weekend’s English Patch!

Honestly, I barely know what to say. Hp, Mp, and defenses. In addition, each of the three main types have their own skill sets as well, with up to 4 selectable for battle.

the genius of sappheiros english patch

I look forward to playing Strawberry Bose’s other pxtch, once the japanese wikis are more complete, or once there are full translations. Secondly I’ve finally noticed the new for me Touhou Anime episode, and must ask how it fits into your view of the fandom.

the genius of sappheiros english patch