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timesnewromanps-bolditalicmt font

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Do you mind having a solution for mkiv luatex? Timesnewromanps-bolidtalicmt doubt, I have some misconfiguration. ConTeXt recognizes that font and prints the documents with it, but it doesn’t show italics, bold, or font types for titles, sections, and so on. Henri Menke Henri Menke Sign up or log in Sign up using Google.

I’m not a computer scientist and I was having a hard time getting the settings right.

Font timesnewromanps-bolditalicmt

TeX usually does this by itself, but Times New Roman needed some help. Unicorn Meta Zoo 9: Sign up to join this community. This will show it as code.


To fix this you have to load these additional fonts. Post as a guest Name. I’m assuming that Times New Timewnewromanps-bolditalicmt doesn’t have any other ligatures.


High quality typography ligates them. Active 4 months ago. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. From your code it looks like you are using mkii pdftex.

Download TimesNewRomanPS-BoldItalicMT Font – Thousands of fonts to download for free

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timesnewromanps-bolditalicmt font

Since no sans font is loaded, ConTeXt will just use the last loaded font which is the serif font at 12pt. I have also applied some little optimizations. Sign up using Facebook. I’d appreciate your help. The image in Henri ‘s answer seems to be missing fi and fl ligatures, so here’s a minor supplement to his answer, shamelessly plagiarized from what Hans Hagen wrote for the mailing list.


That tells ConTeXt that at this point all fonts are loaded and it can quit early. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top. How old is timesndwromanps-bolditalicmt installation? Improving the question-asking experience. Email Required, but never shown. Hi, and welcome to the site.

timesnewromanps-bolditalicmt font

First of all, the statements. Yes, but I don’t see any difference after including your setting. Thank you very much. I don’t see any difference.