Sign in or join with: There are also quite a few tweaks in this release based on the all feedback, gameplay, and suggestions from 8. I also have to say the past few weeks have been very enjoyable just playing games again – I am actually winning games these days and maybe it is time to get on the 1v1 ladder: Toaster is a very talented artist who has made some very nice rendered maps for ESC – check them out: Sadly, I had to remove the Supreme Commanders for now as there were some hang ups – as with earlier versions, upgraded Commanders and Decoys are the larger style models again. Oh and if someone is able to bring a commander close enough to D-Gun the other it means that he barely built anything or you’re near death.

total annihilation escalation beta 6

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In the meantime, grab 8.

Total Annihilation: Escalation mod

Stay tuned next for another big unit update with 9. Sorry about it, there’s not much I can do. ESCwe like to think of our effort as a production quality expansion to Total Annihilation which can be enjoyed in both Skirmish and Multiplayer settings.

I installed using the “TA Patch Resources v1. Get on over to the Downloads page and get your game on! Sign in or join with: There really isn’t that much lag though. Note the T3 Fusions and Core B. In the next few releases, provided balance is mostly stable, we will be issuing additional, all new, hovercrafts including a powerful Hover Battleship! Barring any issues there will be no updates for a while as TRO, Warlord, and I will be prepping for the upcoming big release!


Link to Total Annihilation: For more details on changes, the change log is posted below in the comments if you are reading the front page news. Click to view full poster. Thanks to the rest of the community for the excellent bug finds, suggested fixes, and everything else too. Both units now feature a choice between low trajectory and high trajectory fire! Not to mention you could just build an small army of air units like Hawk and death rush him and win.

total annihilation escalation beta 6

It has been far too long since the last update comrades, but escalahion has changed during the winter interval. Emphasis with this release is on fixing bugs found in 8.

total annihilation escalation beta 6

Darkvamp Jun 24 There really isn’t that much lag though. If you are seeing crashes when removing markers or drawlines, try this new taesc. The new units and format are a hit, and just as good, if not better, the balance is rock solid through late T3 yes, the Empyreaan needs a little work, but at least it’s good!


If you have not already grabbed 8. Tesel Jun 24 soo much lagg. While you’re downloading ESC 7. It lacks the explosiveness when killed of the prior version, but is much more armored while still fast. Last Update 1 year ago.

TA: Escalation News – Total Annihilation Universe

Have you got any solution? The Recon and Blaze are now T2. However, when you do get to T3, you will be rewarded with: In the meantime, we have not forgotten v8.

And as always, more to come! Make sure you already have ESC 6. Faster building Mines Minefield can be laid out much more swiftly thanks to near instant unit buildtimes. I”d buy it if it was a patched ready to go Steam version.