Koppu’s father Nallasivam Nassar is a respected man in the village who hates violence, while his son Pawan is exact opposite who kills people but when he is killed, Nallasivam refuse to bury his body and decided to make his village with peace and harmony. Other Songs from Veeram Album. Ajith veeram ratha gaja song with super clips. A press note was released on 4 April announcing the start of the filming of the project, while also clarifying the cast and crew. Views Read View source View history.

veeram ratha gaja song

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veeram ratha gaja song

However, I enjoy reading Sangam-age poems which are steeped in love. Sigai thoda ninaithavan Siram vizhum tharayinil Eedinai illa veeram Ada dhisaigalum thigaithidum Paarthavai pathaithidum Sarithiram viyanthidum veeram Male: Veeram theme song rathagaja theme 8d audio ytboostrequest subscribe 8dmusic.

Veeram Theme Song Lyrics From Veeram – Ajith Kumar – Latest Tamil Songs Online

February 17, Vidharthwho rose to fame with his role in Mynaawas signed on for the film after discussions with Prasanna was unsuccessful. Brutally attacked Vinayagam rises steadily, kills Aadalarasu and his henchmen. Vinaayagam hates the idea of marriage as he feels that his wife might create disharmony among brothers.

Vijay mersal fight veeram bgm sarkar thalapathy vijay version vr editz. The sequence was shot in a location situated in the Orissa border.

veeram ratha gaja song

Full song lyrics rathagaja thuraga This video and mp3 song of Full song lyrics rathagaja thuraga is published by Influence Interactive Marketing on 20 Dec Ajith had rtha in a stunt sequence where he had to hang outside the train. One could find so many forms of expressions in Sangam poems and they lend an understanding of how beautiful Tamil language is.


Ratha Gaja Song Lyrics – Veeram

Advocate Bail Perumaal Santhanamwho bails them out whenever legal issues arise because of their brawls. Veeram Theme Song Lyrics Singers: Aadalarasu informs Vinayagam that he had kidnapped one of his brothers Kumaran, Vinayagam arrives at the nick of time and saves his brother but instead gets attacked by Aadalarasu.

veeram ratha gaja song

Views Read View source View history. Retrieved from ” https: Enjoy reading our articles without intrusion from advertisements. Thala dhoni veeram ratha gaja remix This video and mp3 song of Thala dhoni veeram ratha gaja remix is published by Gandhi D on 23 May This video and mp3 song of Ajith veeram ratha gaja song with super clips is published by Francis Shalwin on 04 Apr Tamannaah was chosen geeram play Ajith’s pair in the film, marking her comeback to Tamil films after a three-year sabbatical.

The film received positive reviews from critics and became successful at box-office.

Ratha Gaja Tamil Lyrics

Filmibeat 11 August Ratha gajathuraga full song ii veerudokkade movie ii ajith, tamanna. On the whole, Veeram is an enjoyable fun ride”.


The film was released in screens in Tamil Nadu, [30] screens in Kerala, [30] 50 screens in Karnataka, [30] and in screens overseas. Rathagaja veeram ajith This video and mp3 song of Rathagaja veeram ajith is published by Tamil Paattu Book on 28 Jan Souryam Sankham Daruvu Vinayagam finishes all the goons and solves all their problems without the knowledge of Nallasivam and family.

Ajiths veeram theme music remix This video and ratna song of Ajiths veeram theme music remix is published by mohanjoy m on 31 Oct While travelling in train to Koppu’s village, Koppu narrates her family background to Vinayak. Ajiths veeram theme music remix.

Veeram Theme Song Lyrics From Veeram – Ajith – Best Tamil Songs MP3

Full song lyrics rathagaja thuraga. Download WordPress Themes Free.

Vinayagam and his brothers arrive at Koppu’s village with clean shaven look, he says that he has changed and he would never harbor violence, he sony his brothers are welcomed and respected by her family. Viveka is happy that his songs in Si3 have become a major hit. Retrieved 11 January