Is anyone else facing same issue with iOS 7? An iOS6 or iOS7 device. This is not well tested, so ymmv. Python is available from http: Remove the reference to zbar. Now just continue with the integration instructions above and you should be back up and running!

zbar ios sdk

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Included with the library are basic applications for decoding captured bar code images and using a video device eg, webcam as a bar code scanner. Check the manual to find specific options for each program.

Bugs can be reported on the sourceforge project page http: I found the reason why this happens and the reason was I didn’t stop the video streaming.

OpenScan Overview for iOS

Upgrading from an Older Version 1. Check out source code from https: You may leave zbar. Qt4 may be obtained from http: Build the target with both iphoneos and iphonesimulator SDK, and create the fat library file.

Considering the visual part of the application, we sfk If you are using an older version of the SDK NB, skip to the next section if you are currently using Mercurialupgrading is straightforward:.


For forums, blogs and more please visit our Developer Tools Sxk. You have a few choices for this:. We are using Zbar bar code reader from last 2 years.

zbar ios sdk

CGRect ; property Active: Download Trial Buy Now. Application developers are required to create an interface class, which implements SMPOpenScanChannel protocol as well as the protocols needed by the external scanning library. Example interface classes, sfk how to add them to the demo project are described. Navigate to the iphone folder, and open the zbar.

zbar ios sdk

ZBar Bar Code Reader is an open source software suite for reading bar codes from various sources, such as video streams, image files sdi raw intensity sensors.

In any case, you should remove the references to the zbar headers from prefix.

Zbar SDK – missing required architecture x86_64

Clear; end ; procedure TMainForm. See below how this class looks: If your project was using the library directly from the Mercurial repository, before the SDK was introduced, there are a few incompatibilities that you must resolve in order to upgrade. Clean out and rebuild your project with the new version.

You can just replace the libzbar. This interface is part of the linux kernel, a 2. Looking to the OnFindBarCode event, the BarCode variable brings the captured value, so you just need to assign it to the edtResult, as well to the lstHistory to create the log:.


This section provides detailed steps about how to integrate a third-party scanning library into an Agentry iOS client application.

An iOS device with camera. More social media choices: Note that the SAP Mobile Platform Agentry client still supports default camera-based scanning functionality, which is used if an external scanning library is not provided. Use the API Reference for specific interface details.

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Remove any references to zbar headers in your prefix. You will need Qt4 if you would like to use or develop a Qt GUI application with an integrated bar code scanning widget.

Note Link order may be important for some versions of Xcode; the referenced libraries should be listed before libzbar.